Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask Review

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Being a city girl, juggling school work, photoshoots, blogging and having a personal life isn't easy. One thing everyone always ask me.. "How do you even have time and energy to do all these things?"
I don't. And I honestly wouldn't recommend you guys adopt my hectic lifestyle of sleeping only around 6 hours on a good day. 
So you guys can imagine, how every second is very important to me!
I would love to be able to take a breather and sleep in for a little longer because we know how much rest is important for our body.

My work constantly revolves around the using of my smartphones, laptop, putting heavy eye make up etc. All the tugging, and straining have left my eyes feeling so tired and listless all the time.

When MegRhythm came out in the market, I was super intrigued by the gentle heating technology. A steam eye mask?? How does it even work! 
A new innovation from Japan, MegRhythm Eye Mask is a unique self-warming eye mask that relieves and relaxes your tired eyes in just 10 minutes. This disposable steam eye mask warms up gradually to a comfortable 40 degrees C. 

Made with an ultra-thin material that promises maximum comfort, this eye mask is super lightweight, individually packed and is good for on-the-go or pampering sessions at home after a long tiring day.
MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask comes a box of 5 individually packed sachets and in 4 different variants - Unscented, Lavender, Chamomile and Fresh Rose
Application is really simple - Open up the package, peel it open and put it on!
It also acted as a sleeping mask for me, and the heated eye mask was SO comfortable on my eyes. It was like having an eye-spa !
My eyes felt much more rejuvenated and relaxed after 10 minutes. More importantly, they felt so much less tired and the steam from the mask was also very moisturizing, gentle and comfortable on my eyes. It doesn't show much results externally, but trust me it felt like I napped for a good 4 hours or so even though I only used the mask for 10 mins.
Super shiok!

Because it is individually packed and very lightweight, carrying it around in your bag is easy and convenient. I also use it before bedtime, in between work, while traveling or after my beauty eye care routine at the end of the day
Apart from myself, I had also introduced this product to my mom who has been working really hard to support us through everything. Her job requires her to wake up super early and I just want to do whatever I can to help ease the fatigue she's faced with every day.
Putting on the MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask on mummy and ordered her to sit down, relax and take a little nap!
I also love that the MegRhythm eye masks come with hooks for your ears to ensure that the masks don't slide off our faces! Super convenient and easy to use, which is always a plus because mom tends to avoid products that are "too complicated" or "too time consuming" (I quote her because I always nag at her to take better care of herself and these are her replies)
No more excuses for you mom!
After using it , mummy said that it really did help improve the tired-ness in her eyes and I'm very glad to have discovered MegRhythm because it brings relaxation and that little bit of difference definitely does go a long way.

My mom then dragged my dad, who was behind the lens all these while to relax and try out a mask as well! My dad's work also requires him to wake up at unearthly hours, so a good relaxing eye mask is very much essential for him to relax and have better sleep at night.
I cant wait to bring these masks along with me on my upcoming trips, hehe!

Pamper yourself today with MegRhythm and don't forget the ones who love you the most as well - your parents!
Mother's day is just right around the corner, and even though these little masks are not exactly big ticket items, make your mothers happy by surprising them with a few of these to reward them for all the hard work they've been through just for you!

MegRhythm Steam Eye Masks are available at Watsons, Guardian, Unity and Tokyu-Hands, or click here for some free samples.

MegRhythm has collaborated with Kanebo this Mother's Day to give you guys the ultimate pampering beauty treat for you and your beloved mothers! Simply check out their Instagram (@MegRhythmSG) for this ongoing contest and stand a chance to win a pair of facial vouchers (worth S$240)!  

Have a wonderful day pampering your mothers this mother's day!


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