Fat Cow Review, DreamLash Eyelash Extensions and more!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hello everyone!
Now that finals are out, mongabong is back! Hahaha its almost impossible for both to co-exist at the same time, but throughout the few months, I've been updating my Dayre , Instagram and yes, SNAPCHAT very religiously, everyday!

I'm sure you guys have heard of Fat Cow before, i definitely have! 
Fat cow is a fine dining japanese restaurant tucked away in Camden Medical Center. We had to make reservations almost 3 weeks in advance for 5 of us, so if you're planning to go, do book in advance!
We heard the Set lunch at Fat Cow was pretty good and worth for money, so that was what we went for. I opted for The Fat Cow Donburi with Wagyu sliced beef done medium rare and an Onsen Egg topped over sushi rice.
The beef was done amazingly, but however it was a tiny bit too rare? not that i am afraid of having rare beef or anything, but I preferred to have a tiny bit more grilled taste in my beef. 
Onsen egg was perfecto, and overall the meal was great, except I wished I had more sauce in my donburi.

We paid $45.50 per pax for a set that consisted the main, a salad, tiny chawanmushi, and a bowl of miso soup. I didn't enjoy anything else except for my main donburi honestly.. 
Will I go back again? Probably, only with good company.
Otherwise, nope! Haha

Other than that, I had a good walk with matt all the way to the Camden Medical Center and spotted these beautiful sights. I couldn't resist!
That day, I wore a beautiful work dress from Ruby Rouge
OOH and yes! I finally mustered the courage to go for eyelash extensions again!
Many of you who know me personally would have probably heard about my eyelash extensions horror stories.. I'm not gonna fill you guys in with the details, but just know that after that incident, I didn't dare touch eyelash extensions for a good 1.5 - 2 years! 
But after hearing many great recommendations about Dreamlash Korea, I knew i had to try it. I also negotiated with them to make sure that I really like their service before agreeing to post anything. 
But seriously guys.. 3 weeks on it and I'm LOVING it. Seriously saves me so so much time to get ready in the morning and makes me look pretty bare faced, hehe.

Every extension is done strand-by-strand and the effect was really natural and beautiful.
I didn't know eyelash extensions were meant to feel so comfortable! The entire process took around 1.5 hours and I didn't feel anything on my eyelids. I even fell asleep lol!

 Here's how they look like from the side

Quote "Mongchin" for 1-for-1 deal when making your appointment.
 I did the Diamond Lash natural effect so you guys can

Choose from Diamond lash :
Natural (80 strands $138)
Elegant (140 strands $158)

Be beautiful with a BFF or simply use both sessions on yourself, what a GREAT DEAL!! 

DreamLash Korea
CityLink Mall, 1 Raffles Link
(Tel: 6884 8019)

Yipeee! Now that summer has started, i've been working hard on some upcoming campaigns that i hope you guys will like, keep your eyes peeled!


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