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munich bratwurst, currywurst, germany
Munich starbucks, Germany, Coffee

The BMW Museum
BMW Museum munich, germany
I know it has been quite a long time since our trip to Munich, but I'm still gonna post anyway, so please bear with me as I recollect all these beautiful memories. It's kinda therapeutic to be reminded of all those happier times.
We planned to visit the BMW museum one day and if I remember correctly, the museum is located around 20mins subway ride from the city center. It wasn't too far away because germany has an amazing transport system and you could get to anywhere with ease!
The locals were really friendly too :)
Unfortunately we were in Munich on Christmas Eve (or was it New Years Day.. or New Years Eve?) Ahh, my memory is failing me :( The result of keeping all these backlogs for too long!
Anyway, It was a public holiday and we weren't sure if the museum was gonna be open, but we still went ahead anyway because matt and I really enjoy roaming about aimlessly.
THEN. The first museum that greeted us outside the subway station (which was closed) had the BMW logos all over it and we mistook that as the actual museum itself. Thinking it was closed, we then loitered around the area and went back to the city centre.
BUT, after looking it up online after we left, we realised that it was the wrong BMW museum we were looking at. Cant really blame us can you... :( They even had the BMW cars displayed outside! (refer to picture above)
So yes.. apparently the main museum was just right behind where we were and we missed it.. Oh well, we'll come back for you again some day.
Last but not least, Germany literally has the best Bratwurst I've tasted.
This is the currywurst I got at one of the christmas markets, not cheap at 6 Euros or a tiny portion or something, but it was really good!
Of course, I never miss a Starbucks Christmas Toffee Nut Latte every year

I hope you guys enjoyed my travelogues, and oh VLOGS too hehe.
Leave me with more suggestions please!!! 

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  1. I lovee:
    - Reading your blog. You are an 'all-rounded' blogger who blogs about all sorts of stuffs which makes it interesting to read. ^^

    - The clothes you wear. They alwayss look so goodd on youu! ;D I go to those blogshops that you mentioned before, whenever i feel like buying new clothes. ^^

    - Your smile. You give a positive and cheerful disposition. (;

    - Your voice. It sounds sweett and pleasant. (:

    1. Thank you dear, you don't know how much that means to me :') I'm very glad to know that you're enjoying my posts even though they are not as focused as the other bloggers.

  2. hi babe, I love the sling bag that u carried here. What brand is that? Or where to get it....