Fashion Feature: Peppythread

Monday, March 09, 2015

peppythread, mongabong, fashion feature, singapore
I teamed up with Peppythread to style 3 different outfits for you guys, and I hope you all are loving it as much as I am. Let me know which is your favourite and read more for more discount codes for all Mongabong readers.
 All photos are by Evan Goh, which you can view her works on her instagram here and you can also contact her here.
#1: Dayla Plasuit in Rose
peppythread, mongabong, fashion feature, singapore
peppythread, mongabong, fashion feature, singapore
Customized Stainless Steel Bar Necklace in Rose Gold
Forever 21 Faux Diamond Earrings

I'm sure you guys have seen me in this outfit so many times! I just got it a few days before Valentines Day and I already wore it out 3 times. Says alot huh!
This is one of my favourite piece of apparel in my wardrobe right now. I mean looking at the prints and color combination, what not to love about it?
Plus it is a romper so its really comfortable and convenient if you want to run around.

peppythread, mongabong, fashion feature, singapore

This piece exudes class and elegance and it is so flattering i'm not even kidding!
The tiny slit at the side shows off a little bit more skin, giving an illusion of longer legs. I personally also love the very cut in neckline that shows off a little more of my shoulders, drawing the attention away from my chest area which I'm not the proudest of ~ haha

I'm a playsuit, shirt and shorts girl and I'm totally sold when I first put on this playsuit. Made of the most comfortable and quality neoprene material, I love how it keeps you cool in this singapore heat.
Now now who says shorts have to be paired casually all the time?
Wear this on casual days, or on date nights. Comfort first for me, what about you?

P.S I've been a fan of Peppythread's pieces for a long long time and they carry a mixture of work, casual, play suitable apparels at really affordable prices. Quality is always a big plus. I've been working with their brand for slightly more than a year now and never once have I seen Peppythread bring in pieces of inferior quality, so we're all in safe hands so don't worry!

Quote "MONG2OFF" for $2 off 


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