München (Munich), Germany Part 1

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Munich, Germany
Munich remains as one of my favourite places to visit. The warm and friendly locals definitely played a huge part and of course, it being a city made me feel more at home. 
I loved Germany a lot because of how similar it was to Singapore. 
In comparison to all the european cities I visited, Germany was in my opinion, the cleanest, most efficient and Matt and I really loved it there. 

As usual, we only had 2 days in Munich and we visited during the christmas period.
We left Munich for Vienna on Christmas day to be exact!

Just to warn you guys, this post is gonna be really photo-heavy so if you're too lazy to read all my rambles, just scroll through and look at the pictures.
Will still mean a lot to me cause I took so long to painstakingly edit them one-by-one, LOL, though I obviously appreciate readers who actually read what I write because I spent a lot of effort writing too.

While waiting for the tram, it was the day we headed to the Munich Zoo because Matt and I love these things, HEHE
I also opted for darker lips that day, because it was Christmas Eve and I dont know why but somehow I only bother to do something different when there's a "special occasion". 
Not that I had anywhere special to go, nor was it for the purpose of impressing anyone.. Its kinda like a personal thing and I just don't want to look the same whenever a joyous occasion arrives..
Anyone feel me?

Just like how I'd put on my sparkliest eyeshadows, sparkliest and gay-est green dress on New Years Eve, little things like wearing a lipstick that I wouldnt usually wear just suddenly becomes more "acceptable" during the holiday period. haha

How do ya'll like it?

I got to see so many animals (that i've never seen before) at the Munich Zoo, and at only 9EUROS for students, I thought the zoo was really quite worth it if you're into animals like I am!
Little chimp saying Hi to Matthias ><
These monkeys were really tiny! Probably only half the size of my palm, which is VERY small if youre wondering. 
I had a great time just staring at them play with each other, picking ticks and rolling over everything. How cute ;)
One of the highlights of the Munich Zoo were actually the penguins! I love penguins and I think they are the cutest, especially when they waddle across with their huge bellies and unbalanced footsteps.
I called these the "penguins with rebonded hair" LOL!
God is truly amazing with His creations I think, apparently they are called "Rockhopper Penguins" 
Also very privileged to catch some llamas, and I initially thought it was an alpaca and got so excited because i've never seen an alpaca before and the stuffed plushie versions of them are so cute!
Gotta admit that I was a little sad to find out that what I was staring at was a llama instead but okay la, both equally cute okay? haha! (dont hate me HAHA)

Ended off the day with a pretzel snack I got from the Zoo cafeteria for only 1 Euro, only in Germany!

Stay tuned for part 2 of the trip! Don't want to bore you all out with too long a post, hence the split xx
Stay safe and have a good weekend everyone :*

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