Landing in Singapore

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Feels good to be back, safe and sound. 
I've been spending the past few days trying to adjust my body clock back to how it used to, without the help of coffee and overdosing myself on caffeine.
Trust me, its BAD when you can only sleep at 5 AM and you have to wake up at 8-9AM for work/school.

But thank God for the smooth journey back home :)
Here's me sharing a few snaps of what I did the past few days since I landed my ass back home.
View from my window on the plane.
The clouds looked surreal 

Celebrated my friend's belated birthday over lunch at Cafebiz. Did you know Traders Hotel is now called Hotel Jen?? Got me so confused and I routed wrongly on google maps.
Oh and I thought there was gonna be sashimi slices served but turned out they dont serve sashimi during Lunch. Double disappointment


The first thing I did on the next day was go get my hair fixed. My hair was grossly out of shape after 5 months, and it needed some serious SOS.
Tried the deep scalp cleansing that day at Salon Vim and I love it! 

Relcy used this clarisonic-looking device to deep cleanse my scalp and its so clean and shiny now:) 
Also, those Kerastase boosters and capsules did wonders to my hair, they are so healthy, smooth and bouncy now!

Always love visiting Salon Vim because Wee and Relcy never fail to revive my hair no matter how bad it becomes :') 
Here's a photo of my new coloured hair, no filter. 
Nobody could tell that its newly dye-d because it looked so healthy and shiny (till today, even after 2 washes at home)
With filter.
Everyone at the salon was laughing because this photo looked as if i was getting punished. HAHA!
"面壁思过",  they say.
As usual, i got my egglets fix while getting my hair done heh #fatlife

Quote my name for 10% off at Salon Vim
I would highly recommend Wee, my hairdresser. 
Do remember to call Salon Vim and ask for him to make a booking!

Salon Vim Bugis
235 Victoria Street Singapore 188027

After doing my hair , we went for some JPOT, and i seriously missed it so much!
Over-ordered and overate as usual. what's new? 
But well at least its healthy! (so i think) 
Chinese boiled soups can't be that bad.. right?

Anyway if you guys ever go, try the Pork Noodle ! (above)
It comes in a squeezy plastic bag like this and it looks a lil ' weird but trust me its so good !!!

Finally, an ootd in shorts heh
Happy weekends!

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