Friday, January 09, 2015

Hello all, guess who's back!
Happy 2015 to everyone of you, let's try to make this year a better year. I'm gonna start by of course, trying to stick as close to my New Year Resolutions as I can..
Everyone knows how difficult it is to actually stick by your resolutions, i'm not the only one okay!

Haha now that school has started and my readings, ads and events are starting to pile up, I'm gonna have to balance all these + other commitments like having fun and spending time with friends, bf and family. 
Not gonna be easy at all, but i'm just happy to be back!

So I promised you guys that I would blog about my exchange trips, the first post in 2015 is dedicated to Milan, Italy

When we were in Grenoble we always wanted to pop by Milan for the weekend since it wasn't that far away from Grenoble. However our Eurail Global Pass did not allow us to get cheap tickets (it was around 200EUR per pax on top of the pass or something).
But after looking at all the places we had planned to visit after Grenoble, we realised that Milan was on the way, so we didn't mind spending the extra money since we probably wouldn't return to europe anytime soon.

Good thing was, there were night Thello Trains connecting Paris to Milan where we could get our tickets with the Eurail Pass at 25% discount. It wasn't too cheap, but well, it was the cheapest way and we could save on one night's accommodation since we would be travelling through the night.
The train from Paris to Milan was a 10 Hours journey, but it wasn't too torturous because Thello trains come with beds (which were very cramped and dirty but we made do anyway).

I'm not going to dive into reviewing Thello trains but there are tons of reviews online so you guys can check them out if you're interested!

First thing we did when we reached Milan was have breakfast at Macdonald's. 
I think we had Macdonalds more than 30 times in 5 months, I really blame myself for giving in sometimes, boo.
Found this really funny because it was as if Macdonald's was telling me that i'm already fat enough and I should STOP eating Macs.. urgh
Yes.. I'm a "Fatti" sigh 

After we checked into our apartment, our host recommended we grab lunch at Milan's best pizza restaurant called Spontini
I can't really remember the exact location of this place but it was along the stretch leading to the Duomo
Indeed, it is like no other pizzas i've tasted before. Ever in my life!
The restaurant only serves one kind of pizza, Margherita. Just look at how fluffy the crust is, it is literally heaven once you sink your teeth into it. Oh did I add that it's also crazy therapeutic when you try to chew off a bite and strings of cheese just keep oozing out of your mouth?

Ahh. Foodporn, FOODPORN!

Okay I shan't get too carried away. Couldnt't help myself, sorry.

It was the christmas period so there were lots of chritmas markets around. This was outside the Duomo.
How bustling
I love the snacks at Christmas markets, though they mostly sold the same stuff (crepe, churros, donuts etc) at every christmas market around the world.
Super sinful but hey, it's christmas! 

We then headed to the Duomo, which was one of the main reasons why I wanted to visit Milan so badly.
Standing before this majestic building was simply breathtaking, how did they build something so intricate and beautiful in the olden days? I can only wonder.
Christmas decorations everywhere

And.. that was it!
We only had 1 short day in Milan and we headed for dinner at a really cool pub after the sun set and I got too lazy to snap photos because the lighting got so bad.
Hope you enjoyed my little update on Milan, hehe.

In my opinion, milan is beautiful for it's architecture and tourists from all over the world visit Milan for their beautiful art exhibitions and museums. 
As you all know, art is not exactly our thing so we did not bother too much with visiting those museums, haha! 
A pity but well we really tried to appreciate those art pieces we saw in the past okay!!! 
It kinda just felt like we were psychoing ourselves to understand the different paintbrush strokes and whatnot, haha! Anyone feel me?

P.S My heart goes out to all victims of the Paris shooting, it feels so surreal (& scary at the same time) to know that I was literally hours away from being there. 
Praying for the safety for all my friends in France / Paris right now :'(

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  1. Hi Mong Chin!

    I'm keen in embarking on an exchange programme with my university too. And while Europe is something I want to explore, the cost frightens me. May I ask how much you spent on your exchange trip? Are there any cost cutting tips? Thank you!