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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Received a few boxes with the most luxurious red ribbons at my doorstep the other day and I was soooo thrilled because they were packed so beautifully and you all know that i'm such a sucker for things that come in nice packaging.
I knew the contents inside were gonna be good already because good packaging simply means that much effort and thought have been put into their products!

Gvanne is a brand new online store that manufactures their very own footwear line. A brain child of Jia, they take pride in delivering the best quality footwear at affordable prices. Feedback and design ideas are very much appreciated and welcomed as well over at Gvanne, to make sure that customers receive only the best.

Gvanne's shoes come in their very own, signature white box that is sturdy and hard. 
Yes. Even the box is of great quality, something I really need because not only do the shoes matter, good boxes also allow me to store them well and prevent them from getting crushed!
 3 things caught my eye when I browsed through their website, read on to find out what I chose for myself :D
The first pair features Minimalist (black) , a basic number that I feel every girl should own.
They say "Less is more" , indeed. Many of you probably already know that this is my 3rd pair of black minimalist heel. I just couldn't resist choosing this when I saw it on Gvanne's  because I saw its super thin strap and pointed sole.
Little details like that can make a world of a difference to an entire look.
Thin ankle straps allow more of your feet to be exposed, while pointed soles makes your feet look thinner and longer. 
And when you put these 2 elements together, you can be sure to look a few inches taller and of course, have your legs look so much longer than they actually are ! 
Shh. I'm sharing all my tips with you guys here, so continue to read on if you're loving them so far :)

Besides the seamless design, this pair of Minimalist Heels (Black) is also manufactured in good synthetic leather, so be rest assured about the thin ankle straps because they will last you a good amount of time.

Next, I was also super thrilled to find the perfect Nude Heels on Gvanne, one that is of the perfect silhouette and height that are comfy enough for me to walk in.
I don't usually drive and neither do I like to spend money on taking taxis, having comfortable footwear (especially heels) are super important to me because I'm usually out and about running around for 8-13 hours everyday! 

I picked Classic Bea (Pink) and I'm so impressed by how it was so intricately wrapped.
Each heel was wrapped individually in dust bags and stuffed with protective stuffings to ensure that the shoe remains clean, scratch-less and in shape.

Once again, no outfit can go wrong with nude heels, can it?
Classic Bea (Pink) is my current favorite pair of nude heels because it matches my skin tone almost perfectly. It doesnt even look like I'm wearing any footwear!

Well well, here's another tip to FURTHER elongate the look of your legs:
Put on a pair of heels that are as close to your skin tone as possible! 

Complete it with the super long pointed tip and exposed ankle area, I don't think my legs have looked any longer than this ><
The best part, it is insanely comfortable!
 Don't be put off by the pointed tip design because it is unlike those that squeeze your toes so tight together. But of course, I would recommend a size up for those who have broader feet for maximum comfort.

Last but not least, how can I forget my sandals? 
My collection of sandals is getting way outa hand but.. they are just so comfy and you can wear them with anything - Tshirts, dresses, jeans, pants, shorts, maxi dresses.

Featuring Charlotte (Black) , this pair is so simple yet elegant at the same time!
I decided to pair this with a pretty girly but casual outfit and I love how the subtle gold details complement my necklace and ties up the cream in my shorts so well.
This outfit literally took me less than 2 mins to put together, its so brainless thanks to Charlotte by Gvanne !
Gvanne now provides DOORSTEP DELIVERY SERVICE over the weekends for those who wish to receive their haul quickly! (Limited period only)

Quote "MONG10OFF" for 10% off all orders, for internet banking payment only

I hope you guys enjoyed the outfits I styled, and more importantly, check out Gvanne for more quality footwear at amazing prices!

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Instagram: @GvanneSG

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  1. Hi! May I know where did you get the romper from, which you pair it with ur nude heels? :)