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Monday, December 22, 2014

I'm sorry it took me so long to compile all these outfit features, the weather and internet haven't been the nicest to me sadly!
As all of you already know, i'm at my last stretch of my exchange programme. I can't believe its coming to an end already? 
So bittersweet. I miss Singapore a ton and traveling has been amazing but really tiring too!!! Imagine lugging 30KG with you everywhere. Its no joke really.
I find it really difficult to pack light especially when i'm gone for so long and come on.. its winter time, its impossible!
(or maybe i refuse to come to terms with my hoarder problems)

Luckily for me, I didn't have to wreck my brains so hard when it came to my outfits because I had so many lovely sponsors and clients that sent so many clothes over 
Today, I'll be introducing to you Natsukashe, an online store that even i've never come across before!
Natsukashe brings in high-quality, timeless vintage pieces and I absolutely adore how much attention they put into every single detail.
From the modelling concepts, to the hair and make up, to the clothes, and right down to the packaging and tagging of clothes.. I was so amazed and impressed!

Limiting to only 3 pieces was literally so tough and difficult. Couldnt help but really admire the style and concept of Natsukashe! 
Check out their site and you'll know what I mean ><
In the end I went with these few pieces that are really adorable. 

I wanted to create 3 different looks to show you guys how vintage pieces can be toned up and down, and how they can be casual, cute and sweet at the same time!The first outfit features a pale yellow top with the cutest daisy prints. Everyone knows how much I love daisies, I couldn't say no to this! 
 The second outfit features a high quality preppy skirt with the cutest BAMBI print on it. I’ve always liked Bambi because I always thought it looked so pretty. I mean, its such a pretty little deer!The quality of this one here is really no joke, it is sturdy, thick, and not to mention, really flattering too! 
I liked the third outfit the best, it is sweet, girly and basic – totally right up my alley! Featuring SKY Pop pleated skater dress in blue, I can’t tell you guys how much I love the color! It’s reminds me a little of the skies, a little baby blue, a little powder blue.. how do I even put it. 
I would recommend Natsukashe to anyone and everyone, their packaging make such nice gifts as well. You guys should know that I crashed my comp about 2 times and waited for around 2 hours to make the GIF of me unwrapping my parcel above.Talk about determination!! Hahahah I mean I couldn’t write this post without showing you guys how pleasant it is.

Quote "NATMONG20" for 20% off

Visit Natsukashe at: 

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