Do you leave your house naked?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

In case you're wondering what's up with the title of this post, please don't let your thoughts wander off!
Just thought it was cute because this is the slogan of my new favourite online site, BARELY NAKED. Thumbs up for coming up with sucha catchy and fun slogan!

Now, if you're wondering and if you haven't been following my updates on my instagram and dayre , Barely Naked is a one-stop site where you can customise skins for your gadgets. Be it your phone, laptop, tablets etc.. THEY EVEN LET YOU CUSTOMISE NAIL STICKERS! 

Hooray! So I'm sure all of you don't leave your house naked (please wear clothes, its illegal to run around naked in Singapore LOL) , likewise, we shouldn't neglect our gadgets too!
I love the Barely Naked gives me the option to change up the outlook of my phone/tablet/nails easily. Plus, it is really affordable and of amazing quality!

So here's how to use Barely Naked's customisation services:
1. Choose your device
Navigate with the top bar to choose the different devices.
They don't only do iPhones, you can find others like Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG & more

2. Upload photos

You can upload your personal photos directly from your computer and even instagram!

3. Adjust

Adjusting is really easy, simply drag the photo into the space and there are tools at the side:
Rotate, scale or even make it Black n White for more feel
5. Preview
Lastly, preview how your skin would look like, Add to cart and you're good to go
Here's how it looks like when I received it, it looked EXACTLY like how I wanted them to be!
Apart from customising skins for my iPhone, I also customised one for my iPad Mini, and another set for my nails. Wheee

Application is pretty simple, and the good thing is that they are printed on quality paper!
In a matter of minutes, my phone has transformed
I chose some tropical prints with a portrait that I thought would look so cool if I made it black and white. I wanted it to look a little mismatched and here's the end result!
Im soooo in love with how it looks!
The best part about having skins is that they leave no residue when you remove them. And the fact that I can customise it really saves me a lot of time and effort searching for something that I want.
I can now design it myself and know that it will be something I really like!
Skins are also perfect for those who want a little added protection on their phone but hate the bulk phone covers give.
This is (as they suggest) "barely naked" , you wont even feel them at all!
To put on extra protection, simply put a clear cover over it and you can make your skin last for a long long time :)

Vibrant vibrant vibrant!
These were a little difficult for me to apply, mainly because I dont have proper tools with me here in grenoble. I dont even have a base/top coat.
But simply peel off, stick it on, apply pressure, file off excess and apply top coat. Voila, pretty nails 

I think these are perfect for christmas and the holidays because you can personalise it according to every single person.
Serves as a thoughtful gift, don't you think? hehe
Barely Naked is also really efficient, I received my stickers in a matter of a few days even though I'm so far away, so order yours now and get it in time for ❄ christmas !

Quote "BNMCY10" for 10% off all orders

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