[Rambles] What being on exchange has taught me

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I know I havent been the best at keeping my blog and instagram interesting these days, matt and I have been traveling so so so much around Europe and so far, the internet connection have been pretty limited. Every time we check into our accommodations, we’d have to leave our luggages down and head out immediately because time is so precious!
I’ve planned our trip in a way that allows us to maximize our time as much as possible, after all how often does one have this opportunity to travel? So we usually stay at a place/city for 2-3 days and you can only imagine.. there’s so much to see especially In Europe!

As I’m writing this, I’m currently on my way to Munich on a 4 hour train ride from Venice. 
Feeling extremely tired because I haven't been able to sleep past 8AM since forever. I know I might seem whiny to many, but really carrying so much with me all the time isn’t letting my body rest at all. 
Haha but I’m not complaining because really, no regrets on my decision to leave all my commitments behind in Singapore for 4 months.

Being on exchange has taught me so much. 
I’ve probably said it a thousand times before, but I will say it again because that’s how I truly feel. Initially at the start (first 2 weeks after settling in) I felt really upset and cheated because exchange didn’t feel as fun as what everyone painted it out to be. 
Food is so expensive, everyone/everything is so foreign, communication was horrible etc. I remember feeling so upset and homesick (I missed Singapore so much) because my mind was constantly on how much happier I would be drowning myself in photo shoots, eating all the good food, blogging, seeing my friends and family and more importantly, missing out on all the income I would be getting.

I’ve written posts about my fear of being forgotten in the industry, and about losing out. To be very honest, things have indeed changed and I find myself not being so creative with my content anymore. As a result, I’ve lost a few followers, I’m posting less, and my statistics are not growing as much as it used to when I was at my peak. 
Waking up to all these wasn’t easy, and I would always lament on how I wish I could be attending all those blogging events with my friends, modelling for my favourite online shops. 
That would still put me in the race right?
That’s the thing about me, my expectations when it comes to myself – I can expect so much that I beat myself up for things like that. I’m competitive (at certain things) and very often the people around me would tell me that I need to take a chill pill and remind myself that I’m no superwoman. It could have been my downfall, if I had let it get the better of me. 
Thank God, I hadn’t.
Being on exchange and having this 4 months break (literally) from everything is honestly a blessing in disguise.

I’ve learnt to take it easy, and surprisingly once you keep telling yourself that life is much more to just numbers, statistics, followers, views, readership.. it becomes so wonderful and beautiful. 
I no longer sulk and feel sad when I see myself missing out on deals I could have secured if I were Singapore because I’ve seen the bigger picture, (to me at least) being so engrossed in things like that also could have drove me insane and would have made blogging and talking to you guys on my social media platforms less enjoyable. 
It would have become an obligation, a job to me
Which would suck because having this break also made me realise how much I enjoy doing these things, especially if I’m not made to do them. 
I hope to be as true to my readers as possible because you guys never fail to cheer me up and keep me going after all these time. 
Special shoutout to Eleanor, Andria, Samantha and a few other readers who took time off to write to me to assure me that I’m not forgotten despite me feeling so underserving of it. Thank you all for keeping up with me and for supporting me because without you guys, I wouldn’t have so much to be thankful for in my life.

I know I’m lacking so much with my travel posts, but I’m seeking your kind understanding because I took so many photos that its almost impossible to edit and post about them within such a short period of time. 
Even when I’m working on them all the time from places to places like today.
Just wanted to make sure that I don’t do things haphazardly so please give me more time okie! Hahaha. But of course, here are some photos of my recent trips to Paris, Milan and Venice just in case you guys forgot how I looked like:
Christmas is just around the corner! What are you guys doing for christmas?
Well I’m gonna be heading to Vienna on Christmas day! Hopefully the weather will be nice and austria will be welcoming and fun J But of course, as always, keep up with me through my instagram, dayre and snapchat (@mongabong)!
I might not be the most active on Dayre and snapchat because those require me to update on the go and it’s a little tough when I don’t have internet access all the time.
So please bear with me

Last but not least, have a very Merry Christmas and here’s the mnmcouple wishing all of you a wonderful, joyous christmas and happy holidays!

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