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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Founded in 2014. 

By coming together, we wanted to provide you a pleasant experience when shopping online.

We offer Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Shoes and more and a unique palette of colors ranging from warm,sensual colors to determined glacial cool tones.
Im sure many of you have seen me wearing pieces from Paul Gladys recently, and I won't deny, I will continue to wear them! I hope you guys won't get sick of seeing me in these few pieces.
But here's why:
- Every piece is handpicked by Paul & Gladys, from all over the world 
- Don't worry about someone else wearing the same piece because Paul Gladys don't get their stocks from the usual places like Thailand, China or City plaza
- They are all of AMAZING QUALITY, I can personally vouch for it. 

Comes in 4 sizes, S to XL, you can be assured that you'll find the best fit for this flattering dress!
The cut outs are at the right places: shoulders for the dainty oriental vibe, waists for a slimmer silhouette. 
Sometimes its okay to cheat a little with the right cutting, yes?
Made of Polyester, Nylon and Lycra , Elena boasts elasticity and of course amazingly thick quality that keeps its shape even after so many washes (trust me, I wore this over 5 times already in 2 months!)
Next, you guys have probably guessed it. My one and only pair of heels I brought here with me on my 4 month long trip.
Tells so much about versatility eh?

Featuring Emma, a simple, white pair of dainty minimalistic strappy heels
I cannot stress enough on how amazing the quality of this pair is, my friends would know that i'm the WORST at taking care of my footwear.
In fact, i'm horrible at taking care of anything, my things usually cant last me for 6 months.
Shoes, needless to say, would have only an average of 3 months lifespan on me. 

But that said, usually shoes that are supplied to me are of the best value, but not of the best quality.
Im sure most of you who online shoppers can understand too! haha
For this pair, Emma, I can't say the same.
It's sturdy, keeps its shape really well, comfortably tall and accentuates the curves on my legs like nobody's business.
If only winter wasn't coming so soon, I would definitely be running in this all day!
Purchase Emma Pumps here

For bottoms, I went with Carrie (beige) for a sweet touch on my outfits

Made of quality chiffon with a pretty-much opaque inner lining, you know you're in for a good deal.
This piece is definitely a staple in every wardrobe!
For me, I make sure I have bottoms in black, white, beige and grey in any variations (skirt, pants, shorts etc) and I think Carrie is a good example of a versatile piece. 
You know how skirts in light colors like beige and white are often see-through? 
Im happy to say that with Carrie Skirt, I didn't face any problems with see through undergarments >< 
Carrie is also available in Blue and Black.

Last but not least, what's mongabong without her accessories right?
That said, I NEED MORE ACCESSORIES UGH. I'm a huge statement necklace lover and I love how they spice up any plain boring outfit.

Wearing Whitney, a silver statement chunky number with the most elegant bling blings.
A set of Whitney comes with a matching pair of earrings too!
Statement necklaces are also for the lazy ones (like myself) that like to stick to the same few outfits. 
One tip is to change up your statement necklaces, accessories and lip color and people will most likely not be able to tell that you're actually wearing the same outfit you wore last week!

Hehe lazy tips from a lazy person.

Quote "mong" for 5% off

For more information, do check out Paul Gladys at:


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