Friday, November 07, 2014

Looked at myself in the mirror one night and decided that my hair looked a little too boring, and truth to be told, I actually do kinda miss having bangs!
As much as how irritating it can be having to maintain it...
Bad hair days are more common, blow-drying my locks had to be an everyday thing.. But well! My hair grows out pretty quickly so in the heat of the moment, I took a fabric cloth scissors and snipped my fringe off!
How do you guys like it?
(Please pardon the grainy photos, they were taken with my shitty iPhone 5 front cam under really bad lighting :/ )
The best thing about this hairstyle, I can put it down like so, and also push it to the side & go back to having side swept bangs again.
I love it!

The weather in Grenoble has been such a pain lately. 
Temperatures hover around 3 to 15 degrees celcius, and it can be in a matter of a few hours, its cray cray.
So many people have fallen ill, including myself :( 
You guys wont believe how scary it is to fall ill in a foreign (and non-english speaking) country where you don't even see any clinic in sight. Boo. 

Stay warm my friends, I miss singapore & all of you ><

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