Geneva, Switzerland (Part 2)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Read part 1 here.

Part 2 will be covering Days 2 and 3 of my trip to Geneva, switzerland.
Continue reading if you're interested! Gotta warn you guys first, theres gonna be LOADS of reptile photos below because I basically spent my entire day 3 at the reptile museum :D

Not for the faint hearted >< nah, im just kidding.
They are really CUTE!

Day 2 was spent walking through parks as usual, Matt and I love taking slow walks and I love looking at the beautiful flowers in the garden.
We stopped by Lake Geneva again, and there were sunbathing chairs around. We sat there for a good 40 minutes just taking the entire view in. 
Like I said.. I get really excited when I see flowers HAHA

Vivarium Elapsoidea
Many of you probably don't know that Im a huge fan of snakes and I think they are the most mysterious and beautiful creature ever.
I've always wanted to have a pet snake as a child and my mom would always freak out at the idea of me secretly getting one by myself.

Our conversations used to go like this:
Me: Mom, can I have a pet snake?
Mom: no.. you its very dangerous! And its illegal in Singapore
Me: Huh, its illegal? But people can still buy them somewhere right..
Mom: Can.. Got a lot of bad people smuggle one..
Me: ohhhh.. I see...
LOL! 8 year old mong :')

SO YES. All you snake lovers out there, this is a place you HAVE to visit because its seriously the best reptile vivarium museum i've ever been to.

There were hundreds of different species of reptiles and snakes. 
From the super endangered and rare to the very venomous ones. Some I never imagined to be able to see before my very eyes because they are so rare!
Different species of tarantulas
They are the size of my palm, literally.

Day 3
Day 3 was spent roaming about random streets and getting lost. Getting lost in a foreign place is so much fun, really. We discovered so many things and restaurants by chance, and I think the whole essence of traveling is not all about the tourist-y places, but also the little things that we often overlook.

Chasing sunsets ; we chanced upon this beautiful street along Place du Neuve and decided to make use of the beautiful sun rays

As most shops are closed on sundays (yes, even supermarkets and big departmental stores), you will be thankful for these local flea markets.
You will be able to see one that stretches all the way down Place du Neuve.
Things are not cheaper or anything at the local flea markets, but its a good experience because you literally find everything there!
From beauty, clothes, shoes, to preserved fruits, olives, cheese, fresh meat, to make-shift food vans 
We settled for a nutella crepe while walking :P

In the evening, we decided to head to this restaurant that I read about on Tripadvisor.
It was apparently a restaurant that many locals visit because it was cheap and good!
Not really that cheap, but its reasonable at only CHF 15 for a main course for dinner. You cant really find anything better in Geneva, trust me.
Like I said, for CHF per pax, you get half a roasted chicken with lotssss of chips on the side and a huge serving of salad to go with.
We have 1 whole chicken because theres 2 of us :)
But anyway, the chicken was SO tender and yummy. It was soooo juicy and tasty, and if you're wondering if its gonna fill you up, just look at the insane amount of chips at the side....

Chez Ma Cuisine
6, place Bourg-de-FourGeneva

Thats it for Geneva! Its definitely one place I enjoyed a lot because of how inter-cultural and welcoming everyone was. 
Shopping was great too, and the scenery and sights are definitely worth the money and time to travel there.. 

Can't wait for my next trip to Santorini, tomorrow!!! 

School has been draining me of my energy the entire week. Can you believe it, they have classes at 8AM.
thats even earlier than the crazy 8:15 AM classes we have in SMU.

off to snoozeland now, check back later in Santorini <3
Love ya'll

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