Geneva, Switzerland (PART1)

Monday, October 06, 2014

It was my first time in Switzerland, and where better than Geneva, the second most popular city in Switzerland (behind Zurich) ?
Also, Geneva is only about 2.5 hours away from Grenonble and my Eurail Global Pass takes me there without any reservation.

So here's what we did during our short 3nights trip to Geneva, Switzerland
We arrived on Friday evening and because of a train delay, we only managed to reach Geneva in the evening, and most places were already closed, leaving only the restaurants and pubs.
Craving for Asian food, we decided to settle for this restaurant right opposite our apartment for some Chinese food.
You guys have probably seen this on Instagram and my dayre alot of times already.
The standard and cost of living in Geneva is soooo high i'm not even kidding you. This plate of rice with dish costs 13CHF(~SGD22) and its one of the cheapest meal you can get there.
Perhaps its just us that we couldnt seem to find anything else cheaper than that, I honestly hope its not that bad! I loveeee that place. hahaa

That said, we were convinced because the average meal in Macdonalds already cost more than 13CHF, most of them are around 15CHF or so...
But of course, I havent felt so satisfied in so long! Truly a lover of chinese food, and I would be willing to pay more just to get my hands on these ><

We started off the next day in the town area, where the entire stretch along Plainpalais and Rue du Cornavin/Rue du Rive was filled with amazing shops.
They have 2 H&Ms, a handful of starbucks around every corner, and of course, the famous luxury brands for bags, fashion and watches.
Streets of Geneva

Lake Geneva
All within close proximity, we visited Lake Geneva after a few hours of window shopping (boo, i would have loved to be able to shop there!)
Lake Geneva is rated First on and I can understand why! It was such a beautiful lake that spreads accross 8 cities.
Not only can you get a piece of Lake Geneva in Geneva, you can also see it from Evian Les-Bain, Montruex etc.
Jet d'Eau
This. The iconic fountain of Geneva. Its hugeeeee and it's mechanisms were really powerful and amusing.
The best thing that happened when we were there was.. A rainbow! Can you guys spot it?
There was a huge park surrounding the lake and we decided to take our itinerary slow and walk in every park we can find.
European parks are the best! They have so many portable toilets, and even drinking water stations every corner. 
How well thought of! haha
Molard Tower
We then headed back to the town area in the evening to visit the Molard Tower.
We didn't step foot into the tower, but admired the vintage looking tower from its' outside.
It was small, a little oddly out of place, but surprisingly beautiful. 
Many reviews praised The Molard Tower for all the bars and restaurants within the tower. 
So for all of you wine and pizza lovers, perhaps you can go give it a shot and let me know! hahaha
As we went to Geneva without much research done, we relied heavily on our Google maps to bring us everywhere.
Aimless walks can be quite therapeutic too, I must say. 
A luxury of carefree-ness I haven't got to enjoy ever since I was like what, 8? I can't even remember.

So yes, basically we walked everywhere and saw that a park was nearby and decided to check it out.

Parc La Grange
A HUGE park spanning 12,000 square meters along the lake, it also has the largest rose garden in the city. A heaven for flower lovers! hehe
The flowers were absolutely stunning, and once again, I felt so sad knowing that we are now mid-way fall and these beautiful blooms are all going to wilt in no time :'(
Here's me with my new headband, hello!

For lunch, I asked you guys for food recommendations and one reader kindly recommended Inglewood for their Burgers and cheesecake.
Matt and I ordered the Gros Cain Cain, CHF26.90 (SGD 38)
This burger has a double patty, at 320grams. Served with crispy bacon, cheddar, onions, greens, and the signature "Iwood" BBQ Sauce
All burgers at Inglewood are done medium rare, unless requested otherwise. 
This meal, albeit expensive, was one of the best burgers i've tasted in my life! It was hearty, smoky and the fragrance of the beef patty was so irresistible.
If you're a beef/burger lover like myself, this is definitely the place to go! 

With more than 11 different types of burgers available on their daily menu, you're bound to find one that will suit your tastebuds.
Thank you Amanda (reader) for your recommendation :D

A pity I didn't get to try the cheesecake that was recommended to me as well, but we were so full from this that we decided to save it for our next trip back, hopefully there's one soon!

Inglewood Plainpilas
44 Blvd du Pont d'Arve
1205 Geneva, Switzerland

That's it for the first part of my trip to Geneva! I hope you guys are enjoying my traveling posts so far.
Thank you for bearing with me, till I get back to singapore!


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