A little milestone

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A little moment for me to rejoice: 
I hit 20k today, thank you all for the kind support and although I know I might be the most boring person out there for now, I'm forever grateful to all the love and encouragement you guys have been giving me. 
Sometimes I wonder if i'm undeserving of all these, but trust me when I say that i'm really counting my blessings to know that even though i'm literally miles and miles away from Singapore, you guys connect with me on a whole new level that makes me feel a little better about being so far away from Home.

I will be nobody if it wasn't for you guys, and nope, I still am no where near anything from what people expect me to be. But at least i'm happy with where I am.
I've never been after fame, money nor titles. But God has been too kind to me by blessing me with this tiny little achievement that may seem lame to many, but it's definitely a huge milestone for me.

You guys mean the world to me, and thank you, to each and everyone of you, for not forgetting Mongabong

Love ya'll

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