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Friday, October 24, 2014

Repost from my Dayre
Good morning!!

I have a love-hate relationship with my body clock sometimes. Do you guys ever face this problem? 
The annoying problem about waking before your alarm every single day!

Somehow my body likes to irritate me. No matter what time I go to bed, I'll be up around 8.30am every single time! 
Thankfully my eyebags are not that scary today. Judging from how I slept at 3am last night. Goodness! 
It's 12:15pm now and all of my house mates are still sleeping. Is it weird that I'm actually envious and sometimes jealous of people who can actually sleep in? 
Went over to a classmate's house for a tiny house party last night. The people here party every single night that it's insane. Probably because alcohol is sooooo cheap (a bottle of good red wine is €5) and you can even find some for less than €2 lol!

Anyway, here are my two classmates with Michelle and I. It's funny how we look so tiny next to these people. Intimidating at first, but they are all such nice and friendly people. Gentle giants, I must say ☺️
Here here, a crazy bundled up outfit for Grenoble's sudden temperature drop to 4 degrees yesterday morning. Can't comprehend the erratic weather these days, it was just 22 deg 2 days back and it's 4 now! Hahaha and judging from Google's weather forecast, the coming next few days is gonna get warmer again.

Apparently this is really normal in Grenoble.. Hahaha really? I felt a little suaku for being so amazed by the changing seasons. 
Well you can't blame me since I haven't been to anywhere during the changing of seasons period. Haha it's usually the time of the year where I rip my hair out in Singapore while I mug for my papers. 
Oh side track a little, hahaha this is the smoked salmon salad I made for myself the other day! I deliberately made a HUGE bowl for myself because salads make me even more hungry than before. With that thought in mind, I threw in some pasta too. 

BUT!!!! I got more hungry after every bite!!! I really don't get how people have salads for meals because they really make me sooo hungry and it's just not worth it for me since they are usually so expensive too. 

So yes.. I went to school to get a baguette for myself on top of this supposed hearty breakfast. What a waste of my time and money 😭 

Anyone has any idea on how to have salads for meals? I mean.. Is there anything else I can put in there that won't defeat th purpose of my attempt at eating clean?

I'm... Hopeless. I simply can't give up food. Hahaha

Forgot to mention that I can't resist the urge of having one chocolate bar every day. It's just too tempting because chocolate bar vending machines are everywhere in school. Help help help! 

So sorry this whole post is just a whole load of rambling and crap but yeah... Follow me on Dayre and Instagram guys! 


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  1. As for salads for foods, I include lots of dried fruits and nuts! I also include shrimp in my salads sometimes! I had a salad the other day that was sautéed shrimp, gorgonzola cheese, dried figs, cranberries, spinach and apples! IT WAS AMAZING~! Try salads that have a lot of elements to them, and find the one you like the most!

    1. Thank you for the kind tip, i'll definitely add some more things into my salads next time!