London Part I

Thursday, September 11, 2014

London, Part 1
We arrived London at Victoria Train Station in the evening that night and we managed to find this GEM in Victoria Place (the shopping mall).
Its a restaurant called The Fresh Pizza Co. that serves free flow pizza, pasta and salad for only GBP 7.49 per pax.
Pretty good stuff heh.
We started our day bright and early the next day, we headed to Big Ben the first stop!
London is such a beautiful city, that has just about everything.
Basically to me, the Big ben is nothing special (esp if its your 4th time visiting this majestic clock)
I wouldnt recommend staying there to admire the clock for too long, a good 15-20 minutes for photos would be sufficient.
The good thing about London is that the attractions are all pretty near each other, and are mostly accessible by foot if you plan your itinerary well.
We then walked to the Westminster Abbey which wasn't too far away.
I dont have a nice photo of the abbey because it was crazy crowded and I couldnt get any photo without other people inside :(
But here's us outside with the nice patch of grass! hehe
We didn't pay the Westminster Abbey a visit because my friends were all complaining about the ticket prices, which would have been GBP15 per pax (its quite expensive, I know)
But having visited the Westminster Abbey 3 times already, I would definitely recommend this to those that haven't seen the abbey yet.

To me, its worth every single penny and you'll probably need a minimum of 2 hours in there.
That makes it a lot more worth it right? haha
Other beautiful sights of London
Lunch that day was at Cardinal Shopping Centre, where there was a food flea market thingy. 
Tents and tents of food stalls were there selling really nice smelling food! Settling for one was too tough, but we had to anyway..
My friends had the Paella, which was the BEST PAELLA i've ever tasted in my life.
It came as such a shock to me because I never expected myself to find such good tasting food at a food market like this. But it was soft, flavorful and really just right.
Look at all this goodness.
I really regretted not opting for the Paella that day, but then again I had a good time jew-ing off my friend's lunch :D
I ordered the Chirozo Burger because it smelled SO good from where I stood and it had such a long queue.
Typical singaporean.. LOL. Long queue means MUST QUEUE.
I mean, the Chirozo is not that bad. But I queued 30mins for it and to be honest, it was WAY too salty to my liking.
I felt like my hair was all gonna fall out after that. Hahaha 
Chilling by the sidewalks and watching the world past by is actually quite a good way to past time, something I really enjoy, surprisingly.

After lunch, we headed for the Buckingham Palace
Similarly, we did not spend too much time at the Buckingham palace because we didn't see a point in paying the entrance fee to visit the palace either.
But of course, by all means if you're interested in these things.
For students like us on a budget, I would suggest you all plan your expenses properly and only spend on the attractions that you are REALLY interested in. They can be really expensive!

Matt and I then took some time to go off alone to St James Park, which was located just opposite the buckingham palace
Something that gets me all the time - flowers.
Flowers in the UK during fall are always incredibly gorgeous. Like im not even kidding. These are flowers that I found in the park, and I like how the different colored flowers cluster together. 
Its almost like a bouquet already prepared for you!
We layed on the grass, people-watched again and as much as it sounds really boring, I honestly felt so peaceful there.
Everyone around us were laying on the grass as well, just soaking it all in.
At St James Park, you can find all these cute ducks, swans, geese, squirrels and birds all walking around freely.
They are not afraid of humans, strangely. Just look at this goose here, it actually stayed still to let me take a photo of it even when I shoved my lens so close to its face!
My handsome boyfriend in my trench coat heh. He's been eyeing on it, but NO too bad! 
(i know you're reading this)
So if you've been following this entire post, you would have noticed my outfit I wore that day!
Dress: Unlabelled
Bracelet: Grasiva
Shades: Topazette
Cardigan: Fashion Martini
Featuring the most delicate and exquisite lace detailing all across the chest area, this dress screams elegance and the sweetest plum-berry colour just makes you stand out from the crowd instantly.
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Paired it with the most beautiful dior inspired bracelet from Grasiva.
Grasiva should be no new name to you guys if you all have been following me on my platforms, this is my 3rd time working with them!
Trust me when I tell you guys that every single item from Grasiva has been hand-picked and you can be assured of their quality because its insane. 
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Hope you guys are doing well, and look forward to part 2 and a VLOG soon!

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  1. Everything looks so beautiful! You've awakened my inner desire to visit London ^^)~!