Tuesday, September 09, 2014

As you all know, I've ended by 2-weeks travel to the United Kingdom and have settled down in Grenoble, France.
Settling in and adjusting to this life aint easy, and as much as I thought I would be the happiest girl to leave singapore and all my troubles behind, I was wrong
Yes, having Matthias with me is such a huge blessing. A huge weight lifted off my mind and I wouldn't have to go through a LDR.. which would be so torturous.

But as I began unpacking all my luggages, a wave of emptiness started to fill my heart - that's when I realised that no where other than Singapore can come as close to being "home".
No doubt Singapore doesn't have the mountains or rivers for us to hike and do all sorts of sports, no doubt singapore is only covered with man-planted trees and commercial buildings. 
But one important thing I think I took for granted all 21 years in singapore was how safe it was.

I remember leaving my bag and laptop (sometimes even my phone and wallet) on the library table when I head out for lunch. Each lunch break could be 2 to 3 hours and I know that my belongings will still be safe. (well, even if they got stolen, there are CCTVs everywhere and it wouldnt be long till they track down the person who stole my things)
But over here, I constantly need to remind myself to always hold onto my bag or even hug it to sleep (on trains and buses). And of course, I need to kick that stupid habit of not zipping up my bag whenever I use it. 
Something I'm still struggling with.

Other than these things, what I miss about Singapore would definitely be the food.
People say Singapore is a "food heaven", no doubts on that. It is THE FOOD HEAVEN. LITERALLY.
Eating pasta and sandwiches might be what i like, but honestly you would get so so so sick of it if thats the only thing they sell here. Perhaps in different variations, but they are friggin the same damn thing. LOL
Be it Salmon wrap, chicken wrap, Fusilli Carbonara or Spaghetti Carbonara... gosh, eating the same thing can drive one crazy.
 I really just miss my Bak Chor Mee, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice, Laksa , Sambal Stingray etc :(

Dang, I probably shouldnt be torturing myself with all these.... 
And crap, I just went to google the images of these delicacies and to think I actually thought of inserting some pictures here. Bad move, mong.


Besides that, I really miss my family and friends. The time difference has made it pretty tough to keep up on everyone's lives, even their social media pages.
But then again, I thank God that France is only 6 Hours difference and so I still have a few hours to talk to my family and friends before they go to bed.

Oh and yes, to all that have been wondering if i'm still taking advertorials, YES I AM!
If you would like your items to be featured in the different parts of europe, you may wish to email me at  and I will advise you from there.
Basically many shops have been sending them to my place in singapore and I'll get my parents to send them over to me in France on a weekly basis :D

Next location should be to Nice, or Lyon to celebrate my boy's 23rd birthday.
Any suggestion on where to go or what to do there?

Hope all's been well and know that I'm missing you guys loads.
Please don't forget me ><


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