London Part 2

Monday, September 15, 2014

Continuing on my London Travelogue posts, here's part 2! 
Read Part 1 here
I managed to cover Days 1-2 on the first part of my post, and now here's part 2 where I will cover both day 3 & 4.
We only stayed in London for a total of 4 days, which in my opinion is more than enough to cover the entire city. Mainly because all the attractions are pretty nearby in the city centre, so traveling time is minimised.. pretty much.

This is what I woke up to every morning, along the walk to Rotherhithe station.
For those that are wondering, I stayed in YHA London Thameside, which I would highly recommend. I went back to the same hostel for the 3rd time, pretty much shows how much I love it heh.
For the bulk of Day 2, we visited the Tower of London
(PS. Tickets are discounted if you book your tickets online!)
Student admission price: GBP 16 (pre-booked online)
I don't know what the occasion was, but we were greeted by this beautiful sight.
The entire moat was filled with artificial red roses, it was breathtaking. Never in my life have I seen anything like this really.
There could be maybe 100k to 300k of them?!
But anyway, back to Tower of London. This attraction is a must-see to me because I'm into things like these.
The tower of London was a castle located at the north bank of Central London. It was previously used as a prison, but was also used as a place of royal residence prior to being converted to a dungeon.
So you can pretty much expect lots of interesting things going on in there!
Tower bridge
A Queen's Guard ; yes, they still exist! And I always wondered how they could see with their hats covering their eyes.. but either way, their costumes are so iconic and nice right?!

Tower of London is located at:
London EC3N 4AB

For lunch, we tried Benihana at Picadilly, London, a Japanese restaurant highly raved online for its theatrical meal experience.
Theatrical, yes theatrical. The concept of Benihana was for meals to be theatrically prepared by a knife-wielding, joke-telling chef over a teppanyaki table.
As the prices were a little too steep for my liking, I opted for a Chicken Teriyaki and Hibaki Salmon lunch bento set at only GBP 10.75
Oh yes, a Hibaki Chicken would cost GBP16, and a HIBAKI Salmon prepared by the chef (beofre you) would cost GBP18
So here's a photo of my lunch bento. It came with Rice and sesame seaweed.
Everyone else on the table ordered the HIBAKI sets and had a show performed before them, lucky me, I got to experience the show as well.
For the larger price tag, you get to enjoy a salad, some prawns and garlic fried rice on top of your main dish. 
However sadly, the chef that served my friends that day was really quite terrible.. She failed her little tricks on the teppanyaki table sooooo many times i felt so embarrassed for her.
Not to mention, the meal she prepared tasted so bland, and it left all of my friends feeling sad and disappointed.
That said though, my lunch bento was AMAZING ! It was really of fine-quality and I had the best of both worlds for a much cheaper price.
The teriyaki chicken was moist and really flavorful, salmon fillet thick and fresh. I on the other hand, enjoyed my meal at Benihana a lot.
Overall, I would still recommend Benihana for their lunch bento sets. I guess it would have been a much better experience if we got assigned to a much more experienced chef instead.
Oh and do note that prices are insane during dinner time so do visit during the lunch hour to make your money worth :P

For more, visit Benihana's website at:
37 Sackville Street London W1S 3DQ, England

Saw this at Godiva and I almost couldnt resist walking in to get myself some strawberries. Look at them!
Our last night in London was probably the highlight of my entire trip to London, hehe.
We visitied Burgers and Lobsters! For myself, it was my 3rd time at B&L and it still never fails to get me everytime.
In fact, its what I look forward to when I visit London each time, hehe you know me.
Im sure many of you already know what Burgers and Lobsters is, but here's some more info for those who haven't heard of this giant in the gastronomical scene.

For GBP20, you can choose between having a fresh lobster, or a burger (hence the name, burgers and lobsters)
To me, and to all of my friends, we'd always go.. "who the hell would pick burgers when they can have lobsters at the same price?" I still feel that way because Lobsters are more worth it compared to having a beef burger. 
But of course that said, to each his own. We all have different tastebuds and some just prefer burgers over lobsters. Others, are just allergic to seafood and cant have them..
Right? HAHA. Why do i sound like i'm trying to justify for those who would pick burger over lobsters.

Anyway back to the point.
For GBP20, you get one decent-sized lobster with fries and a salad on the side.
For a table with more than 5 people, I would recommend you guys pool money to get a HUGE lobster, that has its price tag calculated according to weight.
But the best part of ordering a  JUMBO Lobster is not only about the "wows" you scream after you see how huge a lobster can get (trust me on this, you will scream), but B&L offers Free flow fries and salad for everyone at that table!!!
I loveeee the fries they have there.
Its fried to perfection. Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Their fries are also salted so evenly and thoroughly.
Look how satisfied this first-timer is. HAHA
Thats it for London! I know its not really comprehensive and all, and I might have done a super bad job promoting this beautiful city.. but London still remains one of my favourite cities till date!
Also successfully converted Matt to love London as well, and it also made it's way to the top of his list of favourite cities.

Here's a short video compilation of the places we visited in London, watch in HD!
Follow me on my youtube channel, and though I won't be posting much videos, I am a huge youtube addict and by subscribing, you will be able to see the videos I like and watch. hehe
I'm sorry it was a little shaky filming with my hands, pardon my amateur skills please!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! The food looks really delicious and sorry the chef wasn't up to par.. must have been embarrassing for her too !