Wednesday, September 03, 2014

LARA 'J ; The online Boutique store.
Now, if you're wondering why "boutique"? and not "Blogshop"? 
Well, here's why! 
Lara 'J prides themselves as an "online boutique" because they aim to serve a specialised market of women with exquisite taste that defines trend with a style of their own. With their very own team of seriously friggin impressive designers, every piece is exclusive and unique at Lara J!

Not only that, I'm super impressed by how Lara 'J upholds their mission with such consistency and service.
Their mission : To ensure customers receive the desired item that fits perfectly 

Customers are assured of 5 things (And they are super important for online shoppers like myself):

1. All apparels come in 4 sizes (XS, S, M, L) : People like me will understand how difficult it is to find clothes that actually fit me well. Most of the time I have to alter my clothes that come in free-sizes and all these will cost extra money!
With 4 sizes, almost everyone in different shape and sizes will be able to find the best fitted apparel at Lara 'J 
2. All apparels are made of high quality material and stitch works are done professionally: THIS. I can vouch for. I received my J' Mackenzie Dress and the first thing I noticed was how good the material and workmanship was. It was thick, structured, and very comfortable. I couldn't believe the price when I actually put the dress on myself, the design was so well-thought of, and every seam and every cut reflected its elegance and quality. 
3. Flexible return policy : Bought the wrong size? Found defects in your apparel? or was the wrong item/color sent to you? Fret not because Lara 'J has a flexible return policy!So goodbye to wasted money due to getting the wrong size or lengthy processes, just mail it back to them within 14 days (thats VERY long already) with the completed return form which is sent tgt with your items. 
4. Accurate description and color/size chart : Every online shopper knows how much headache it is when the item you receive is different from what is stated on the website. Lara 'J promises accurate description and information to ensure that customers make the best decision. 
5. Sincere and honest service
I was given the J' Mackenzie Dress in Nude ($36), and i'm wearing XS in the pictures (that fits so well).
It has a basic shape, and is a perfect fitted-and-flare dress with big white zipper front. 
Made of neoprene (scuba fabric). Fully lined.

All in all, i'm really impressed with the wide range of designs, sizes and colors of apparels Lara 'J offers. So shop now at!

Quote "MONGCHINFAN" for 10% off
Valid till 31st Oct 2014.


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