#Mongabongturns21 Breakfast At Tiffany's Part II

Friday, September 05, 2014

#Mongabongturns21 Breakfast At Tiffany's Part II
(Read part I here)

Food & Drinks:

When it comes to food, who can be a better critic but myself? >< HAHA
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling myself a “food critic” of any sorts. I’m just saying that because I LOVE food and I’ve eaten a ton of local food before, I know exactly what my tastebuds like.
From my past reviews on the several food tasting sessions and visits to the different cafes, you guys should probably know that I will only share about the good ones (and also the bad ones, by letting you all know they suck LOL) and highly recommend them!

For my food caterer, I decided to go with Neo Garden Catering .

I’m sure many of us have heard about the success story of Neo Group, haven’t we? How they started off with Neo Garden Catering, and now they have more than 7 different companies under them. They are also Singapore’s No.1 Food Catering Company.

I would honestly love to say that all these titles actually matter a lot to me, but honestly they don’t. Because why? I’m more interested in the food quality and service!

Neo Garden has such an amazing team of people, I can’t even begin.
Upon receiving news that the company would be collaborating with me for my 21st birthday , they immediately sent one of their most competent staff to get in touch with me.

Things got done so quickly. I remember it was only after a few emails that they requested to meet me to better discuss the details. And because I was still working at that time, the team was very accommodating and agreed to meet at central because it was nearer for me to get back to office after.

After knowing about the theme, they quickly started designing the prettiest food catering table set-up I’ve ever seen in my life.
Yes, this was the first ever “Tiffany themed” set up they did and it actually required rounds and rounds of designing and discussions + sourcing before coming together.

Breakfast at Tiffany's Thematic Set-Up
Food wise, it’s a no-brainer.
I’ve tried Neo Garden’s food at many other events : schools, corporate, parties etc, and they’ve always stood out.
Which is why I agreed immediately to Neo Garden because I honestly cant think of anyone more suitable.
I was given a special 21st Birthday menu created for me, with 1 main (2 trays) , 6 sides, 1 dessert and 1 drink

The menu consisted of:
Spring Sushi Platter
Italian Seafood Aglio Olio
Broccoli with Abalone Mushroom
Honey Chicken
Pan Fried Dory Fillet with Mango Salsa

Cereal Prawns With Curry Leaves
Steamed Chicken Siew Mai
Honeydew Sago with Watermelon & Ice Lemon Tea

A big thank you to the Neo Garden team for making this possible :’)
I think I have the most beautiful food catering set up I've everrrr seen. Hahaha oops have I said that already? 

Anyway, food is one of the most essential to any birthday party or events, and I love that Neo Garden has such a wide variety of services, catering to different people.

or of course, anyone looking for a fresh, new food catering menu for an occasion,
Neo Garden is having a 21% Discount for the 21st Birthday Menu designed for me!

(Before GST)

Simply contact Neo Garden and tell them that you're a reader of mine and you can get this menu at only $15/pax which is SUPER reasonable!
I have tried many other food catering services, none as good as this (I promise) for a much higher price!

If you’re holding a themed party like myself and do not wish for the usual boring catering set up to stick out like a sore thumb amongst all your beautiful events décor, then opting for a “Thematic set-up” would be good for you. 
Once again, having Neo Garden on board has saved me SO SO MUCH trouble and hassle because:
1. I don’t have to cook for such a large group of people
2. I know for sure the food will taste and look good
3. Designs, discussions, brainstorming etc are done by a dedicated professional team. 
4. Delivers and sets up for you at the party
5. Collects back at a later communicated time

TADAAAA! There we have it, a fuss free and enjoyable experience that can save you all the time, perspiration, rage and squeezing of brains for ideas.

www.neogarden.com.sg | www.facebook.com/neogardencatering

If you're afraid that your guests will be bored/awkward at your party, the best way is to have them entertain themselves!
Other than having the conventional party games (which can make things even more awkward if not everyone is too spontaneous about it...) having a photobooth service at a party can keep your guests happy and busy.
A photobooth corner also adds up by bring a souvenir for your guests to bring home!

I had R.A.Y Photolicious as my photobooth provider that day at my Breakfast At Tiffany's party, and I have absolutely no regrets.
Rudy, and his team were soooo dedicated, both prior to the party and the party itself!

If you're wondering how it works, you just have to :
1) Communicate your theme and any photo booth backdrop ideas you have, and they will source the materials and props for you!
2) Choose your border and decide on the words you wish to have on each photo
3) Have a great day snapping away at the party!

I chose white and tiffany blue streams for my backdrop because I wanted something simple and elegant at the same time. It was perfectly done, strip by strip by the R.A.Y Photolicious team just 1 hour before the party!
You can even get your friends to hashtag #rayphotolicious / a hashtag of your party (mine was #mongabongturns21) to view all the photos taken!

So grateful to R.A.Y Photolicious for working through all night!
The photobooth station was of course, the most busy station. It was going non-stop through the party:)

For a fee, you get a customized backdrop, photo border, props and unlimited photo printing services.
What more, you will even receive a soft copy of all the photos in a CD, or you can find the photographs on R.A.Y photolicious's FB Page.
Simply tag your friends, or upload your own via your own CD given and everyone will have access to all the photos taken at the photobooth so that those who didn't receive a hardcopy (somehow) will be able to grab them off FB :D



Birthday Cake
My birthday cake was one of the highlights of my entire party!
It was so beautiful and I thought Jess was soo brilliant with her designs and skills that it fitted the theme so well.
The tiffany box on top was inspired from this photo I found on Pinterest, however Jess did her own twist to it by adding little crystal bits!
The bottom layer was rainbow cake covered with black fondant, with lace and blink sash all around.
If you think fondant cakes only look good and taste bad, you're WRONG!
At least for myself, this is the first fondant cake i've tasted that really tasted so yummy. 
Kudos to Shibertybakes!
The cake was moist, buttercream was not too sweet. Fondant was soft and chewy, and there wasn't even a single crack in the fondant despite how long I left it out there for.
If you have seen my entire album on facebook, you will see how many photos I took, posing with the cake before I cut it! haha


Events Videography
I wanted my 21st birthday party to be something memorable and something I can look back on 20, 30, 50 years to come.
Knowing how my puny brains are like, I'll probably not remember much after 5 years, hence I wanted something that can help me remember that special day instantly.
Having a videographer to film your "big day" would ensure that you will still have something to look back on. A video, in my opinion, will truly reflect all emotions no matter how long time has passed.

My friend, Marcus has kindly agreed to help me film my birthday party and here's a simple one of my very humble party :

Marcus not only does Pre-wedding, weddings, ROM, birthdays, baby showers, corporate events, music videos, lookbooks etc.
He's also very open to collaborations too! 
Basically, you name it, he'll do his best :)

Email MARCUS at skylineartworks@gmail.com 

Pictures are taken by Pixioo
(find special discount codes in my first birthday post)

Thank you once again to everyone that made this birthday party so meaningful and memorable.
To my closest friends, family, colleagues, Erica and Nuffnang managers, thank you for taking the effort to come down!
And of course, to my boyfriend Matthias and Best Friend Sarah, you guys are the best for helping out from the start till the end.
Last but not least, to my lovely sponsors that believed in me - thank you for investing so much of your time and effort into my little humble party.
Wouldn't have done it without all the help and support :D
Love y'all!!!!!! <3


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  1. Hi babe,
    Thanks for sharing your 21st Birthday celebration, it look gorgeous, can I ask if where did you hold your birthday at? The place look big and great!