Thursday, August 21, 2014

What have I been busy with?
Besides drafting all my blog posts and submitting them (you guys are gonna see them soon!)

I've been preparing for my birthday party happening this Sunday! 
Can't wait for it because I've got so many lovely sponsors on board this time and I learnt so so so much about planning birthdays from these experts. I'm truly a lucky girl to be doted on by so many people, even the ones I've only met for the first time!

Look out for my upcoming posts on my birthday celebration, and I'm also thinkin of doing a "Planning for your 21st birthday party" guide (if I'm good enough) haha! 

Because I'm sure many of you are as clueless as I am, when I first began planning for mine. 

I can't believe it's happening in just 3 days and I can't believe I'm flying off in 5 days?! AHH!
Haven't even changed my cash into euros yet 😂 oh wait, I haven't even gotten mysel a luggage (because my sis took mine) and WHAT.. I JUST RECALLED I HAVENT RECEIVED MY VISA YET.


Sorry for this random post, but yummmm look at my mid-day yoghurt snack yesterday. Topped it off with fresh blueberries and fried cranberries!

I've been seriously eating non stop because I'm afraid I won't be able to have my bubble teas/gongcha/koi over there:( definitely gonna miss it so much!

Oh and Matt and I were chilling at a cafe last week, and we ordered some latte and oolong froth tea. They came like this! How cute is that ermagawd.
But shortly after we had it, it started to look like rhis.. 
Doesn't it look like a butt?! Hahahah! We both laughed lol!!! 
No idea how the elephant became like this, we were actually quite careful with sipping on it lol! 
Chicken wings from Bedok 85 is definitely a must and I'm glad I managed to strike that off my "must eat before I leave" list. Also had sambal fish and sambal stingray that day but Matt the hungry boy dug into it before I could even snap a photo of it. Pfft.
Another one, llaollao! 
They said llaollao is available in France but I'm very sure it wouldn't be in Grenoble so... Better eat just in case la. 

Okay that's it for now my lovelies! I'm sorry this is so random but I'm better off posting this here and not Dayre because they keep failing my posts. UGHHHH


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