Creer Beaute Eyeliners Review

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Attended the CreerBeaute launch party in Singapore a few days ago at Oasia Hotel and for those of  who have not heard about this brand before, it is actually a very famous Japanese Anime make up line. Famous for its Versailles and Sailor Moon series make up.

Here are some of the products I managed to test out and swatch on my arm that night.
Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliners- $24.70
Red, Green, Blue and Orange Gold

Personally, Im not a fan of colored eyeliner, and these come in a twist up form, with a brush tip. 
The packaging is not user friendly at all, and somehow i always tend to over-twist and the product just OOZES right out and controlling the eyeliner is way too difficult.
Getting a precise straight line is almost impossible, or isit just me?

That said, the Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliners were way too watery to be used on the lower lashline because you wouldn't want to look like a green/blue panda, do you? Haha!
I wouldnt really recommend these lameliners, but if you're highly skilled in handling such twist-up liquid liners, these could be for you.

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliner Black and Brown - $24.70
These eyeliners are specially designed with a 0.1mm fine tip, and im pretty impressed with how smoothly it glided on my hands.
It is so fine and easy to maneuver, look! I was even able to write words with them. 
The only downside would be the opacity of these two, as they are not the most opaque eyeliners around. 
You would probably need more than 2 coats to achieve the jet, opaque black!
I would recommend the brown shade for this, as i would imagine it to be very natural when applied.

Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Royal Brown, Dark Brown and Black - $20.50
Comes with a fine tip 0.1mm, this eyeliner is waterproof, fast drying and really impressive too!
The difference between this and the above Miracle Romance Star Prism eyeliner is that this has a brush-tip applicator, while the Miracle Romance Star has a felt tip applicator.
Although felt tip applicators are easier to use, you can create thick or thin lines with brush-tip applicators, just by changing up the pressure applied!
I absolutely LOVE this eyeliner because of its incredibly fine tip, that makes it so easy to control the application.
It allows me to achieve very thin and precise lines when I want to create a natural look, and it comes out super opaque as well.
For this, i love both the black and Dark Brown shades!

Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner EX - $20.50
Coupled with wild rose oil with rose water, this eyeliner has the natural caring properties of roses!

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Pencilliner White - $18.50
Looking for a white eyeliner with such creamy and smooth texture hasnt been easy. In fact, this is my first! 
Loving how pigmented and creamy this eyeliner is, and it also has a little subtle glitter bits in it.
Looking forward to using this on my waterline and perhaps my inner corners for that extra bling ><

La Rose de Versailles Pencil Eyeliner Black and Brown - $22.60
This was my FAVORITE of the lot!
I love how pigmented it is, and it glides on so smoothly im not even joking. I wouldnt liken this to the 24/7 Urban Decay Pencils because those are more of a gel-liner consistency than a pencil liner, but im happy with these to create natural looking eyes. Plus they are much cheaper!!! 
And definitely not losing out on the pigmentation department.
These are good to fill in the spaces between your lashes as well and they are waterproof wheeee~

Enough about make up, here's the food we had!

Yummmm ~

Creer Beaute Eyeliners available in selected Watsons Stores

Hope you guys found this review helpful!


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