#mongabongturns21 Breakfast At Tiffany's : My 21st Birthday Party Part I

Friday, August 29, 2014

I was very blessed to be able to celebrate my early birthday celebration with my closest friends and family. Why so early? Well.. because as you guys are reading this, I would already be in London enjoying myself! Hehe.

It was a little gathering that I wanted to have, kinda a farewell party for myself. But of course, I wanted to celebrate my 21st with my friends and family. 
I would be in France on the actual day, so yay to all that made my early and last minute birthday celebration a memorable one.

I chose the theme “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” because turqouise/tiffany blue is my favorite color. And!!! I’ve always wanted to hold a girly, elegant party and what better than to have these 2 elements in a theme?

Now let the photographs do the talking:
Party Decorations:
My very very elegant and beautiful dessert table created by Sprinkie Parties.
My decision to work with an events decorator and planner was a super last minute one, and I got introduced to ili, the owner of Sprinkie Parties who so spontaneously agreed and rushed all these out specially for me!
I would highly recommend getting an events decorator because I feel that decors are the most important at a party. Although I held my party at a chalet, the decorations by Sprinkie Parties blinged up the place so well that everyone felt they were attending a very atas party !
I love how Sprinkie Parties transformed my dessert table with props that are specially hand-picked and some even hand-made to fit the theme!
Look at the cutlery specially picked out for my Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme, they looked like metal forks and porcelain plates but they were all disposable :O
If you’re running low on time, an event’s planner/decorator will definitely come in handy. I knew I could trust Ili because she's so dedicated with her work and she even contacted my dessert table sponsor, Kreme Couture beforehand to prepare the food tags. 

Everyone was Full of praises that night and I’m really thankful for Sprinkie Parties for taking a huge load off my chest because im so bad at decorating things and she saved me hell lots of time! 
All I needed to do was send a few inspiration photos I found online to Ili, and she went ahead to source all the materials and supplies for me! The Sprinkie Parties team also came earlier to decorate the place with their own props, and came to collect everything back once the party was over.

I literally needed to do nothing because they were such a great help.

However if you’re tight on your budget and wish to do everything by yourself, Sprinkie Parties also has an online store “The Sprinkie Shoppe” , where you can find the party supplies you need.


Dessert Table:

Now a dessert table wouldn’t be complete without desserts right? >< 
And because I’m such a sucker for pretty desserts, I placed extra emphasis on having a dessert table filled with desserts that would impress my guests.

Desserts should not only look nice but they also have to taste nice !
I was very honored to have Kreme Couture Bakery as my dessert table sponsor and Weglace  for my fondant bow cupcakes.

From Kreme Couture Bakery, I had:
Bite Sized Cheese Tarts
Donuts Dipped in Tiffany Blue and White Chocolate
Marshmellow Pops with Tiffany Blue Dipped Chocolate and Pearl Dust
 Floral Red Velvet Cupcakes
Overall, I’m so impressed with Kreme Couture Bakery because not only were their desserts tasty, they were a super fun bunch to work with. 
Can you believe the Kreme Couture Team was so efficient that they actually came up with my dessert table menu in April this year? :0
Their service is (Y) and to me as a customer, is what I really appreciate because it always feels better speaking to someone you are comfortable with - Angeline & Christopher are both such nice people to be with!


From Weglace , I had :
Tiffany Blue Cupcakes with Fondant Bows

Weglace is owned by a friend Qing, from SMU and my friends have always been telling me about her baking creations. I finally got to try it on that day when she brought a few over for my guests!

Qing’s cupcakes were moist on the insides, and I loved that the buttercream frosting stayed so turgid and strong through the day! Every swirl was beautifully topped off with a chewy piece of bow fondant.
I thought those pretty cupcakes and Qing did an amazing job at bringing out the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme.
Next up would be to try out Weglace ‘s customized cakes too!
Thank you Qing for the lovely cupcakes ☺
Don’t forget to check out WeGlace’s Facebook page for more creations they have done and more updates:

Events Photography:

All photographs are beautifully captured by Samuel from Pixioo (More coming up in parts 2)
Everyone was full of praises when they saw his works uploaded on Facebook. We all love Samuel for his easy-going personality that makes us all so comfortable with him going around to snap photographs of us.
Personally, I prefer having candid photos taken because it reflects how everyone truly felt. Its like their emotions are all written on their faces, and who else does it better than Samuel?

What more, he even edited them for me within a day! 
Efficiency is definitely a plus point because we all hate playing the waiting game, don’t we? Moreover, it would be good to remember the event when its still fresh in our minds.

Pixioo photography not only does Events photography, he also does other kinds of photography such as Pre-wedding photoshoots, wedding, ROM, Graduation shoots, blogshop etc.
You name it, he’ll do it! Samuel is one of the most sincere and hardworking photographers I’ve ever worked with, who gives his best at every assignment.
Definitely recommend him!


Part II coming right up! 
I’d say I’m a super blessed and lucky girl to be able to hold such a wonderful and memorable party. A big thank you to all my sponsors for making #mongabongturns21 Breakfast At Tiffany’s such a beautiful one :’)
I’m not a party person and I remember dreading having to plan my 21st birthday party a few months ago..
But now that it’s finally over, it wasn’t that bad afterall! Tiring but im not complaining because everything felt so surreal that night.

A big big thank you to all my sponsors, my managers, family, Best friend Bay, Boyfriend Matt and of course, every single one of you that turned up & wished me on Instagram!

Meanwhile, have a great day all my lovelies. I better catch some sleep now since I’ve only got 3 more hours to landing in London!
Keep up with me and my travels okay?


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