Sunday, August 17, 2014

Had a mini early birthday celebration last week with Matt's parents and its no surprise where we went...
Equinox again! hahahaha no prizes for those who got the place right.
We are so predictable, sigh. HAHA

But anyway, I would highly recommend Equinox for good quality buffet lunch and their awesome beef steak on their ala-carte menu for dinners..
My outfit that day!
For bread lovers, you gotta try the bread selection over at Equinox~ 
These were assorted ones and my fav would be Olive & Onion and Cheese. 
I know i'm gonna be having so much bread in France (5 months omg) and the french probably serves bread of comparable standard but this has gotta be the best buns i've tasted in Singapoore!

Pardon the lighting in my photos, they were taken under low-lighting conditions and with the stupid iPhone 5S
All of us went for their Creekstone, Grain-Fed, Premium, 28 Day Aged* Angus steaks because I tried it for M and My 1st anniversary that day and I couldnt stop raving about it since!
Chateaubriand 500g (SGD$150)
For 500g (2 portions), I would say this is pretty worth it as it comes with two sides and two sauces.
I would highly recommend the Black Truffle Butter sauce - It's simply divine with beef!
However the Chateaubriand has less of a smoky, grilled flavor as compared to the New York Strip (below) and is less fatty and hence less juicy as well.

I personally enjoyed the New York Strip a lot more!
New York Strip 300g ($85)
This only comes with one side and one sauce, but just look at how fat and juicy it is!
Personally, the New York Strip at Equinox is the best ive tasted in Singapore. And in my opinion, much better than the Black Angus steaks served at Wooloomooloo.

Although the prices at Equinox are steeper, I love equinox for the quality of their service, food, and not to forget, the ambience!
Dining 70 storeys above the ground with the skyline of Singapore right before your eyes cant get any better, trust me.
(However do take note that window tables are subjected to a charge of additional SGD$20 each)
I think this restaurant needs no more recommendation and reviews from me right?
Hehe. im such a blessed girl to be able to dine here so often, and this time, with Matt's parents.
They are literally the sweetest couple I know and such role models. 
And before I could suspect anything, they surprised me with a cake they arranged with the restaurant earlier, aww~

Equinox Restaurant
2 Stamford Road, Swissotel The Stamford
Singapore 178882
Tel: 6338 8585

Hope you had a blessed week!

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