A new must-have in my facial regime: Asian Skins Solution

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hello Guys!

Noticed the smoother appearance of my skin recently? Well.. Nope its not that i've changed up my foundation or make up routine.
In fact i've been using them a lot lesser now!

Now let me share the secret with you, hehe!

I've got much brighter and clearer skin these days, all thanks to Asian Skins Solution!

Asian Skin Solutions is the first ever local skincare salon to specialize in re-developing long lost radiance, and it's also targets all Asian skin problems!

Did you know? Asian Skin Solutions was also the sponsor of Star Awards 2014 – check out the video to see who was the winner for its Most Radiant Skin Award!
Perfect for us Asians
Now let me share with you my journey with Asian Skin Solutions.
It's been 2 weeks since my first treatment and I saw an incredible difference in my skin! 
Upon reaching the outlet at Park Mall, I was greeted by the really friendly staff and they brought me into this special room to get my skin thoroughly checked.
Here's my very cute and bubbly beautician!
Asian Skin Solutions makes sure that they understand their Clients' skins before customizing the perfect treatment for each customer.
What I like about the treatments at Asian Skins Solution is that I KNOW for sure that my skin is in perfect hands because every single step of the treatment after that has gone through lots of studying of YOUR personal skin type.
Because to be honest, we all know that nobody really has the EXACT skin type that can perfectly suit a pre-set facial regime.
More often than not we are all faced with various skin problems (ie Hyperpigmentation, Lack of Moisture, Acne, Sensitivity etc) and a single pre-set facial regime, say Moisturizing, more often than not only targets one out of the MANY other problems our skin face.
Continuing with the scanning of my skin
My specialist was very patient and she was explaining to me everything I needed to know about my skin.
So here's an example of one of the samples the machine drew out from my skin, and this is targetted at Pigmentation.
I know it looks super gross (because its magnified like a few hundred times) HAHA
But basically I'm doing quite well on the pigmentation side, SO YAY!
However my skin wasn't doing too well at the other areas,
This chart at the bottom shows how my skin fares in comparison to the skin of a healthy person.
Basically, the red circles indicate my skin condition, while the nearer it is to the centre, the better.
My specialist then told me that my skin type belonged to the Combination Skin Type
Apparently Combination skin types are most common among asians, and especially Singaporeans!
This is partly due to the humid weather conditions in Singapore, many of us suffer from dry skin actually without knowing it because combination skin tends to secrete excess oil and sebum at our T-zones, giving the illusion that our skin is oily. 
But did you know? The oil secreted is an attempt by your skin to ‘moisturize’ your dry skin condition!
With that, she recommended me to go for a specially formulated treatment called Aqua Diffusion Skin Treatment
In love with the famous Pink kimono!
Step 1:  Double-cleanse + Scrub
This is to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and sebum from the skin surface
Step 2: Soothing Lavender Steam
I didn't snap a photo of this step because I didnt want the steam to get into my camera!
However this step involved a machine producing steam, covering my entire face with super fine water droplets (or rather vapour)
It was so relaxing and gentle!
 This step is used to soften the skin, open up my pores for better penetration of facial products and soothe my sensitive skin.
Next step was EXTRACTION
I bet this is the step that every facial-goer dreads. Hahaha I was telling her to go easy on me!
Extraction is done only when the specialist decides that your skin needs some pore unclogging.
It was surprisingly really gentle and painless!
Step 4: Skin pH balance Treatment with Repairing device:
This treatment uses a super cool machine that looks like a freaking robot. HAHA! 
And its amazing!
For my combination skin, Asian Skin Solution’s exclusive skin pH balance essence was used to help bring my oil and sebum levels to its healthy, natural level. 
This is also known as ‘building a healthy skin foundation’ so that the radiance and glow stays in the long run! 
Coupled with the repairing device, this exclusively concocted essence is being penetrated deeper into my skin layers so that my skin can absorb the maximum goodness of the essences used.
My skin definitely felt a lot healthier, and looked much more radiant and brighter after the pH Balance Treatment! 
I love LOVE massages! They help me relax because well... im someone that just can't "relax"
Really in-need of a good massage that day and im so glad Asian Skin Solutions has a Face and Shoulder Massage incorporated into my treatment.
Step 5: Rejuvenate Face + Shoulder Massage:
Did you know that Massages can better help in improving facial and eye for detox purpose?
Its amazing how our face and eyes can "detox" too!
Incredibly skilled
Step 6: Aqua Diffusion Treatment Mask 
Matt got me to strike a cool pose ^^v
Packed with aqua goodness, this indulgent mask helps to hydrate and replenish your skin’s moisture levels for a soft and supple skin texture. 
In addition, this treatment mask helps to tackle visible problems on the skin surface and helps to balance your skin oil and sebum secretion levels, effectively helping in oil control and providing the essential nutrients for healthy skin cells. 
My skin definitely became more hydrated, softer and more supple. Boink!!!
No more excess shine on the face!
YAY! That was the end of my first session with Asian Skins Solution. 
The experience took about 2 hours including the consulting and it was such a comfortable one.
Really impressed by how my skin felt afterwards. And the best part is, I literally didn't feel any discomfort at all to achieve such clear looking, soft skin!
Here's how i looked like after the treatment:
No need for filters or make up because "perfect skin is the best make up for a woman"
Hello there, clear, smooth skin!
It literally felt like a baby's butt hehe ><
How effective is the treatment?: 
I saw the results on my problem areas immediately after I woke up from the 2 hour-relaxing facial! 
I noticed immediately that my skin was less dull, smoother and a lot more moisturized.
I love it that my skin felt so much firmer and it felt more elastic too ^^ 
How long did the effects last?
Honestly, it has been more than 1 month since I last did the facial, and im still seeing a little bit of results left from the first session. Im quite impressed because my pores have really shrunken so much with the treatment, coupled with the products that I brought home.
I have been using the 2 products mentioned below every single day, and night!
My specialist at Asian Skins also gave me two products for me to use at home. 
The Pore Refining Lotion and the Light Texture Moisturizer .
This is so that I can prolong the effects of the facial, and make sure that im only using products that are personally prescribed to suit my skin type.
Pore Refining Lotion
The nemesis of enlarged pores, Asian Skin Solution’s pore refining lotion contains natural Vitamin B5 and Green Tea extracts to minimize and refine enlarged pores without traumatizing or stripping your skin of its moisture. 
This lotion is absorbed quickly by your skin and leaving a slight tinge of refreshing smell to let you feel invigorated! 
Light Texture Moisturizer
This lightweight moisturiser is so refreshing and finely textured it gets absorbed quickly into the skin for maximum hydration at all times! Specially formulated for dull and sensitive skin, add some natural radiance and vitality back to your skin! 
I have been using these two products twice daily, using the Pore refining lotion like how i would with my toner. The light texture moisturizer, after.
I have seen such good results with my skin and although these two bottles look tiny, the products are so rich and yet so lightweight.
So in love!
A big THANK YOU to Asian Skins Solution for this wonderful opportunity.
Will be updating this space/my instagram more on my subsequent treatments with them!
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