Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hello guys!
Realised I haven't been updating you guys on my life the past few weeks, but thats cause I was too eager to review things LOL!
Exciting exciting.
As usual, my week has been filled with similar things, but here are some of the highlights over the past week and what i've been up to, basically: 
#1 Meeting my bestfriend for dinner 
Nothing really beats spending time with this special girl because i'll be going away for 5 months soon and im gonna be missing her :(
It's gonna be the first time we will be apart for so long!
Headed to the cafe called Beer Buttery Flaps (BFF) because it was a cafe for BFFs haha! No im kidding.

Just a small cafe along Katong that I wouldnt recommend for their food.
Pasta was average, truffle fries though affordable, was too oily :(
#2 Buying a new ring light!

This highlight is pretty self-explanatory I believe, hahaha so yes, I got myself a ring light!
Was contemplating for the longest time about getting a beauty dish or ring light, but decided to go with a ring light instead.
So happy playing with it!

Able to see all my pores and every little blemish eh? ><

#3 Trying llao llao for the first time

I know you all must be thinking that im crazy that this has even made it into this list. HAHA!
But i swear and I know i have probably said this too many times, but i love it so much!
Generous servings of fruits, and yoghurt. You cant go wrong, can you~

The fruits were so fresh - crunchy blueberries, sweet mango slices, bright red strawberry slices.
Always preferred froyo to be thicker in consistency and the yoghurt at llao llao is the creamiest ive tasted! Its also not too sour, which is a + point :)
Closest to ice cream ive tasted. 

Love it when the chocolate sauce hardens at the contact of the froyo. Its sticky, sweet and adds the perfect balance to this dessert.
Posted this photo on instagram and asked you guys how to pronounce the name of this shop, turns out its pronounced "yao yao" instead of "lau lau" hahaha! quite funny!
Asked matt to take a photo of the froyo and he took this... whut. Lol

#4 Stuffing myself with local food

If you ask me, one of the things i'd miss the most when im gone would be the food! Of course, friends and family too :)
Everyone knows my weakness when it comes to food. Simply cant resist them!
So lately, i've been making a point to have our local delights as much as I can before I head to europe.
Definitely gonna miss my Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Sambal Stingray and Sotong.

Even the Japanese food in singapore! Hahaha yes, i think SG's jap food tastes the best, behind the ones in Japan of course, not that ive tried but i dont doubt that. Haha!

Sambal Kangkong yummm

Till then, I hope all of you are doing fine.


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