Sunday, July 20, 2014

If you ask me, what I wouldnt leave the house without.. it would definitely be my brows! 
I personally feel that a person's brows define the entire face, and someone can look so different with and without their brows done.
Today's post is gonna be on how I do my brows and the products I use:
Let's go! 
I've got an entire face of make up done, but something seems to be lacking, aint it?

Now guess what's missing?


Im quite lucky to be born with naturally thick, and massive eyebrows, that I don't look TOOO baddd when I don't fill them in.
However for those who's got naturally sparse and thin eyebrows, i'd encourage you guys to fill them in because it'd make a world of a difference, trust me.

So here are the two products I use for my brows on an everyday basis:
#1 Liole Auto Eyebrow Pencil in No.1 Brown
#2 KATE Eyebrow Mascara in BR-1

First, brush your hairs in place.  
I like my Liole Auto Eyebrow Pencil in No.1 Brown because it comes with an amazing spooly side that blends and brushes my hairs in place so quickly and easily.

Using "Soft feathery strokes" , slowly fill the brows in by creating small eyebrow hairs
I also love how my Liole Auto Eyebrow Pencil in No.1 Brown is shaped in a slanted way that allows me to reach the hardest corners for those precise lines

For the front part of the brows, I'd prefer to keep it softer and only fill in a tiny bit

Going with a stronger hand on the outer part, esp the "tail" would create a more framed look to your face!

Blend Blend Blend!

Then, to match my brows to my hair color, I use the Kate Eyebrow Mascara in BR-1 
As its name suggests, it works just like a masacara, for your brows!

Applying it in a zigzag motion to better coat every hair...

And we're done!

Look how perked up my face is, after I got me some brows :D

Thanks for reading, happy sunday all!


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