Sunday, July 13, 2014

I recently received the Beauty Blender (BB) pro set together with the solid brush/sponge cleanser that I reviewed here. And today, ive decided to review the Beauty Blender Pro for you guys!
Of course, I am going to be using the normal sponge applicator that many have claimed is the "dupe" for the BB as a comparison.
Note: Many said the BB Pro and the Original BB was almost exactly the same, except for the color, and the BB Pro is said to provide a slightly higher coverage than the Original one.

First up, im sure many of you were like me... The moment you saw the prices of the two sponges, you went "Huh, isn't the Beauty Blender just like any other normal make up sponges you can get for less than $5? Why spend $30 on it?"
Well.. Today's review will tell you why the extra $25 is SO WORTH IT.
Note that this is not an advertorial or anything, everything written in this post is non-obligated and you guys know me, im harsh when it comes to make up products. Hahah!
So yes, im so impressed with the BB Pro! Thank God for the angels at Beauty Blender for sending this to me because I would still be stuck with the same misconception if they didn't.
Honestly, I own many normal make up sponges and have even used them for months before I discovered the BB Pro, thinking they were "dupes" for it. But I would BEG TO DIFFER!
The Beauty Blender beats the make up sponge HANDS DOWN.
Note that by "dupe" it means that the product does exactly the same thing as another product, but is being sold at a much cheaper price.
I'm gonna call it "sponge" throughout this post because I refuse to call it "dupe" hahahah! So here's why I think the BB Pro is worth every extra cent:


Beauty Blender Pro

With just one squeeze you will automatically be able to tell which is made of better material. The BB remains squishy and retains its shape after so many uses and washes while the sponge tore the first time I actually washed it!
Not to mention, the sponge is so much "denser" than the BB and its almost impossible to squeeze it when its dry, because its so tough and stiff!
Normal Sponge
With the BB Pro, a little product goes a long long way.
Application of both products are similar, you just wet it, and dab the product on your face while its still damp.
Because the BB is a lot less dense (much easier to squeeze), it allows the foundation to glide on smoothly, creating a very natural, airbrushed finish to your foundation. You can definitely get an even coverage without much product!
Whereas the sponge is so dense, application of foundation on the skin is so streaky! I used to think it was normal for make up sponges to give a streaky finish (because ive never tried the BB then), I would apply it with my sponge, then pat the foundation into the skin and blend away the streaks with my fingers.
How silly was I to think it was how its supposed to work. Hahaha!
Reaching difficult areas

The Beauty Blender Pro is really flexible and spongey. With a teardrop shape, the tip of the BB is able to reach the hard-to-reach areas, like the areas on the sides of the nose and on the under-eye.

The sponge on the other hand.... I mean how to reach when your sponge is so tough to begin with?
You can barely reach the areas without having your sponge touch (or even mess up) the other areas of your face.


When I first cleaned my sponge, I found it super difficult to get the foundation stains out, even after using a heavy duty cleanser like the solid cleanser.
This is because its so dense that it makes it difficult for the water and cleanser to penetrate the sponge and even get in there to break down the make up!
So not only do you waste foundation because you have to apply a lot, you waste water and sponge cleanser too!
In order to get rid of the foundation in the sponge, I repeated the cleaning steps several times. And with the constant swirling, my sponge actually cracked and tore!:O
The BB on the other hand, was SO easy to clean and you wont even believe it, It only took me one swirl and one rinse to get everything out from there.


I know you can't tell unless you feel and try it out for yourself, but the BB Pro applies so easily and it really delivers!
I used the sponge for about 3 months and while it did work for me, i didnt know that the Beauty Blender is so much better!Trust me, the difference is insane and I urge all of you who thought like me to seriously consider getting a BB for yourself.
I mean, you save $25 by getting the normal sponge, but it spoils so easily and you might just go through 5 normal sponges before your BB spoils.. Its very worth it la, in my opinion :)

If money isnt an issue... Wait. Even IF money is an issue, I believe that the pros of the Beauty Blender far outweighs its cons (the price). It has changed the way I apply my make up ever since I started using it. No need for so much products now and goodbye, cakey face!
It has also saved me lots of time when applying my foundation because I can literally not look into the mirror and trust it to give me an even complexion. LOL.
Yes, it is THAT easy to use ><
In my opinion, the normal make up sponges cannot be compared to the BB because like I said, there's no fight. Haha!
I reallyyyyyyy love it. For those that still cant tell. hehehe!
Beauty Blender Pro retails in Singapore for $30 at Sephora, Sasa and other online sites like Luxola

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  1. I recently received the Beauty Blender (BB) pro set together with the solid brush/sponge cleanser that I reviewed here. And today, ive decided ...

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