Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Illumus isn't an unfamiliar name to my readers, i'm sure, because this is the second time im working with them in just a short few months!
Read our first collaboration here! x
Illumus never fails to surprise me with more and more improvements each time.
Today, I will be introducing to you guys ELEGANCE by Illumus 
As its name suggests, Elegance by Illumus brings clothes to the most graceful women in the most sylish manner.
Wear it with confidence, wear it with elegance.
Once again, very very impressed with Illumus's quality in their clothes!
Each piece has been lovingly manufactured and with one look, I could tell that a lot of work and effort has been put into choosing the fabric, designs etc.
You guys will know what I mean when you actually feel a piece from them. Im not kidding! Matt actually felt this dress (below) and went "wow", it must be really expensive. 
But lo and behold... Illumus also prides itself to bring affordability to its' customers 
Without further ado, here are the 3 pieces I chose from Elegance
Dress with Quartrado Lace 
As mentioned earlier, i'm very VERY impressed with the material of this piece. Its thick, sturdy, and with superb workmanship.
The cutting and fit of this dress is also perfect, featuring a v-line Quartrado Lace detail in the chest area.
Also charmed by how much this dress allows me to swoosh around :D
This is only $26, can you believe it??? (its reallly worth it for the quality and flattering cut, girls)
What can I say?
Turquoise is my favorite color. And to have it in this shade of bright turquoise, on a circle skirt.. what else can I ask for?

This particular piece reminds me of the dreamy skies, for some reason. I can't really explain why, and what it is, but it just reminds me of somewhere nice and dreamy.Perhaps the soft cotton candy colored- flowers on the dress ? maybe. 
Once again, amazed by the Quality of this dress. The unique hemlines down the dress accentuates the waist line, creating a more curvy silhouette.
 Perfect for work. Perfect for a date night out, I must say.
Illumus is now having a 30% SALE over at their side!
Not only for the ladies, but also the men. How nice?!!

Want to catch Illumus live in action?
Head down to the Bazaar at Marina Waterfront this weekend on the 26/27th July 2014 !
For more info, do check out their facebook page at:
Have a great mid week my lovelies!

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