Sunday, July 27, 2014

Matt and I just celebrated our 14th official month together and boy, it's true when they say that the older you get, the less romantic you guys are..
We both don't even buy gifts for each other anymore! And that just reminds me.. 
When was the last letter / card I received from Matt? Haha pfft.  

I guess it's a lot harder to keep doing these things when you're both grown ups, working and are always so busy.
It's like, nothing else matters more than quality time spent together. Somehow it feels like we both came to the same consensus that we'd rather spend the extra free time with each other rather than spend the hours apart shopping for each other's gifts.  
Anyone feel me?  
But that having said, we are still very much in love la! Haha still failing deeper and deeper for this boy every day :)
14 months and here we are, both going on our 3rd year in university.. Me being a lot more busy with blogging and shootings, while he goes on to conquer his crazy internships at ridiculous up-there firms that I'm so so proud of him for. 
It's funny how it actually feels like we've both watched each other grow up, fall in and out of love and eventually finding our way to each other.
One thing hasn't changed tho, we both still love to eat as much! 
Eating is probably the only thing that makes us so happy. Well.. Is unsurprisingly our fav past time and we'd always get so excited about it.
This month, we decided to head back to have some Chilli crab because we were craving for it so badly.

The groupon for Jumbo Seafood @ NSRCC came at the right time and we bought it without blinking LOL! 
As far as Chilli crabs go, we both agreed unanimously that the best we've eaten in Singapore was the one from No Signboard Seafood @ The Central, Clark Quay
It was divine! However Matt went back earlier last month and he said that it wasn't as good as the one we tried together. What a pity...  
Somehow Chilli crabs are always inconsistent everywhere!
The one we has at No Signboard was literally the best! Fresh Sri Lanka Crab with Gravy that was tangy band sweet. We literally drank it like soup ><  
While waiting for our chilli crab.. 

There were gloves and this apron thingy provided! (But i still like to eat with my hands because it feels more "flavorful" that way)
Jumbo's Chilli crab on the other hand was always so-so only. But because it was the most convenient one out of the rest of the seafood restaurants, we went ahead with it.

The crabs this period is sooooo ridiculously ex! We paid $68/kg for this Sri Lanka crab.
It would usually be within the range of $55-$58. Hmph. 

Because it was just the 2 of us, we ordered 2 bowls of plain rice to slurp the gravy with, as well as a scallop yam ring thingy as a side. 
This scallop yam ring was really not too bad!
Crispy on the outside, and it had a really cool taste to it. The Yam itself isnt sweet, its almost tasteless. But once you dip it into the chilli sauce (salty) provided, it instantly made the yam really sweet!
Immediately brought out the natural sweetness of the dish.
This was 6 for $16, which was pretty reasonable considering the crab costs almost $70 for a kilo?!!
Hehe 20 months have passed and here's to many hundreds and thousands of months together!


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