Thursday, July 10, 2014

As all of you might have already Realised, I decided to take a leap of faith an chopped off my ultra long fringe. My previous fringe was as long as the rest of my hair (if you still call that fringe) hahaha 
People who knew me before would remember me with bangs. That was about 4-5 years back?
I used to have bangs when I was younger... 13-16 years old if I remember correctly.
Going back to bangs has made me a little nostalgic. And ofc made me look younger, more awake and bubbly!
Everyone couldn't recognize me the moment I stepped out of the salon because it's such a huge change.
As usual, Wee was very spontaneous about it and gave me everything that I asked for. Told him I wanted textured and volumized "spidery" bangs and he suggested I do a fringe perm. My first reaction was :0 !! Perm fringe ??? Hahaha first thought that came to my mind:
HAHAHA i was like NUUUUU..
However he reassured me and told me that it wouldn't turn out bad because he wouldn't let it. Plus I knew I could trust him!
So we went ahead, snipped it off and permed it!
It looked funny at first because it was super curly. But that's because it's still wet and it wasn't styled at all. So for the next few pics, ignore my funny hair because it's not supposed to be that way ah!
I was then brought upstairs for a one hour pampering session. It's the newest double scalp treatments that Salon Vim rolled out this month that incorporates the idea of a spa massage and scalp treatment altogether.
This is a 1 hour journey , where Jamie first started off with examining the different parts of my scalp and understanding my condition before recommending the treatment I'm suited for.
If you guy remember the post I did about my scalp problems about a year back, you will see that my scalp condition has improved heaps and bounds ever since I got introduced to wee and Salon Vim. They were the ones that helped nurse my scalp to it's state today!
Note: The shiny surface isnt due to oils or anything. It was because my hair was still damp from the previous wash!
Still no where near perfect today (because I've got Eczema on my scalp and it's a condition that can never be cured) , but this is the best shape I've seen my scalp in for so so so many years now!
How amazing! Calling out to all that have flaky/sensitive/eczema or scalp problems, don't lose hope because our condition can be maintained and subdued by using the right products, with the right procedures.
I can honestly swear by all these scalp treatments Salon Vim has done for me!
Edmund started the hour-long session by asking me to choose the different essential oils. I picked the one for relaxation. Followed up by a good shoulder massage ~ ahhh
Starting the Chemical Peel session 
More massage
Got nagged at after these photos because my stylists couldn't stand how I kept snapping photos and not relaxing LOL)
The first scalp peeling treatment was for the removal of dead skin cells on my scalp, and to ensure that the goodness of the products applied afterwards get more easily absorbed.
Second scalp treatment was the dermo-calm, which helps to aid with the cooling and calming of my angry scalp. It also provides moisture and thats exactly what it needs!
After the treatment, I went home with a much cleaner, healthier and freshier scalp!
And after styling and blow drying, TADAH!
The health of your hair all starts with your scalp. Start by giving your scalp its well-deserved treat now at Salon Vim! Call Salon Vim to enquire about this scalp package and make your appointments now! 
Here's what it looks like after a week. Still looking very fresh and I'm loving the good haircut.
It frames my face so well and I love the different looks I can do with it.
Japanese Waves
Tousled waves
Pony-tail look
Or simply, wear it straight. Spray on a little sea-salt texturizing spray for this effect!
Quote "mongchin" for 10% off when you ask for my stylist, Wee~
Salon Vim is located at:
235 Victoria Street Singapore 188027
Love, Mong

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