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Friday, July 04, 2014

Do you suffer from these problems?

-       Small eyes
-       Tired/Saggy looking eyes
-       Unsatisfied/uneven eyelids
-       Double eyelids so thin that nothing that has been applied shows up when you open your eyes?

Well.. Don’t worry if you face one or even a few of the above problems, almost all Asians do, too!

Unlike our western counterparts, the Asian genes we have just doesn’t bless us with naturally deep set eyelids with wide lid spaces. Hence, we Asians are left with our signature  “MIMI Eyes”

But who says the only way to achieve Big eyes and the perfect eyelids is to go under the knife? Well.. Automatic Beauty (AB) Eyelid Accessories is here to show you how to attain the BIG EYE DREAM without having to go through the painful, expensive and potentially health threatening procedure!

Many of you are unaware that I was born with really uneven eyelids. I
 can wake up with really beautiful double eyelids on one day, sometimes single on another. Other times I wake up with one eyed single and one eyed double. LOL

And if you think that’s not crazy enough, I sometimes wake up with 5-6 folds on my eyes too! :OOOOOO imagine the horror every time I look at myself in the mirror the moment I wake up.

About one year ago, I decided to give “eyelid tapes” a try , thinking they’d help me with my uneven eyelid problems.
My eyelids belonged to the thin double eyelids category (ie I have double eyelids, just really not visible unless you look at it closely)

Problems faced:
-       Looks like Single eyelids unless looked closely. Almost impossible to see my thin double eyelids when I smile
-       Eye shadows/eyeliners disappear once I open my eyes
-       As a result, my eyeliners were SUPER thick for it to be shown
-       Looked sleepy all the time

After researching and trying out all the eyelid tapes that were highly raved about then, I gave up trying because they all did NOTHING for my eyelids.
Most of them weren’t even strong enough to prop my eyelids up! They just SAT on top of my eyelids and ewwww how horrendous.

Idk if you guys understand, but im sure some of you guys do. Esp those with eyelids that are so stubborn that just wouldn’t crease!

Another problem I faced with other eyelid tape brands was the adhesiveness of the glue that was used. Most of them fell out immediately after I tried sweeping some eyeshadow on top of it.

Even if they decided to be nice and stay on… they’d be so reflective .. as if I needed the whole world to know that I was using eyelid tapes -.-

After MONTHS and MONTHS of trying, and poking myself in the eye countless of times, my eyelids finally stayed where I wanted them to. But of course, it took me about 7 months (of doing all the constant poking and pinching) every single day before I finally fixed my eyelid problems. 

How I wish I was introduced to AB back then!

Specially formulated to cater for 3 different kinds of Asian eyelids, namely, Single Eyelids, Thin Double Eyelids and Deep Folded Eyelids!
 I’m sure you will be able to find something that can suit your eyelid type in that huge range of accessories!

Here, I’m teaching you guys how to use the different eyelid accessories.
Some may not be the most suitable for my eyelid type, but it still works nonetheless!

Here we go!
Be sure to remove ALL traces of eye make up for the adhesive to work best!

Single Eyelids
Crucial step: create a crease line!

Double Eye Liquid ($19.90)

Im sure this technique needs no further explanation right? Its fuss free and super quick! Simply find your crease by gently pushing the stick into your eyelid, and apply a thin layer of Eye Liquid along the crease.
Wait for a few seconds, open your eyes and use the stick to adhere eyelids together.

I love AB’s because its super lightweight, but its very firm!

The Double Eye Liquid also works well on Thin Double Eyelids .
This product can also double up as a falsies adhesive as well. 2-in-1 product!

Double Eye Tape ($23.90)

This is a really cool tape that gives a super natural finish because it is Double Sided!
The adhesiveness of this tape is really superb I must say, though the application was a little complicated at first, but practice makes perfect!

Mezical Fiber 2 (as explained below)

Deep Folded Eyelids
Crucial Step: Gradually increase the width of your crease!

Now who says people with double eyelids cant use eyelid tapes? AB has formulated 2 products specially for us to increase the width of our double eyelids!

Single Eye Tape ($19.90)

A translucent tape that blends in with your skin tone naturally, this is my favorite product because it literally disappears into my eyelid!

Look at how it disappeared even with flash photography. Note that I did not do any editing to any of these photos, merely added words on them!
This tape is definitely firm enough to create a super deep crease on my stubborn eyelids!
I’ve never seen anything that works THAT well on my eyelids before, and I’m not even kidding!

Natural Eye Tape ($19.90)

This natural beige colored eyelid tape is also so natural and easy to wear! Made of a softer material compared to the Single Eye Tape, this tape feels just like a second skin upon application.
The material also allows easier make up application, as it adheres to make up much better than the rest.
Just look at how my eyeshadows look so vivid on the tape even after I remove it!

I would recommend this Natural Eye Tape to one with a lighter skin tone than I am (I have medium-dark skin) as it will look less visible on your eyelids.

Thin Double Eyelids

Mezical Fiber 2 ($28.90) 

This product is nothing I’ve ever seen before and its Magical!!! Kudos to the geniuses behind the idea because its just brilliant!
As thin as a thread, the AB Mezical Fiber 2 ensures that even stubborn heavy eyelids look naturally creased under its ultra fine fiber!
It creates long-lasting double eyelids with its strong adhesive force, while remaining totally almost invisible to the naked eye! 
Look at how Kevin  transformed the model’s stubborn single eyelids that day with just the use of this. Magicalllllll

AB Eyelash Wick ($16.90)
AB has also came up with the Eyelash Wick ($16.90), a product for those who have undefined eyelid crease lines when falsies are applied.

The Eyelash Wick creates high impact and defined double eyelids when attached with your falsies.
With its adjustable thickness and length, this darling can be applied to all kinds of false eyelash bases.
Because this is black as well, this doubles up as eyeliner too!
Also one of my favorite product from the entire range, I’m in love with the ease of use of it and it is really TIME SAVING as well because now, we don’t need to spend much time on perfecting our eyeliner anymore!

Kevin 老师 also shared the make up tips to create wider looking eyes. 
Be sure to not line your lower lash-line to the end as it will make your eyes look even smaller! 
Line it and stop at the three-quarter mark and fill the remaining one-third of inner eyelids with a pearly shade for a brightening effect.

Alternatively, you can also use it on its own on days when you just don’t have that much patience to keep perfecting your eyeliner.

For those who wish to achieve permanent eyelids, I believe the stronger, firmer and more convenient AB Eyelid Accessories will help you guys achieve your desired double eyelids at a much shorter time !
So glad to have these ladies with me at the event that day! 

Want to win some AB Goodies???

AB is holding a "Before and After" contest from the period of 23rd June to 27th July 2014 .
3 Lucky winners will be picked by Kevin ’s , and will walk away with the full range of AB products, $150 Cash & a personally signed AB poster by Kevin  Worth over $280!
All you need to do is:

1) Send your "Before and After" photo before and after using double eyelid products and make up with this template:

2) Hash Tag #ABSingapore in your photo and "Like" AB Mezical Fiber SG's Facebook page  
3) The 3 participants with the most drastic difference in their "Before & After" photo will win the prizes!
4) Results will be released on 30th July 2014. 
Visit Automatic Beauty at their Facebook Page here!

Hope you guys learned something, because I learnt a ton!

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