Thursday, July 10, 2014

Awhile back, Matt and I were invited to Backstage Cafe for a food tasting session, and we were thrilled to find out that there are a few new items added to the menu and we were gonna be able to try them out first hand.
I absolutely love the laid-back feel the cafe brings.
Situated away from all the hustle and bustle, Backstage Cafe is definitely a good and peaceful place to visit during the evenings and on the weekends.

As this is a review on the restaurant, I am going to be very true and honest with my reviews and of course, not lie to my readers about what I feel simply because this was an invite.
First up, I requested for a cuppa' hot latte and they kindly topped it up with a picture-worthy latte art.
Perhaps because I only had this after taking 1000000 shots of it, that it honestly didnt taste too aromatic.
However, with how it looks.. It will do la. Haha!

My plus one for the night.

First Course: Spanish Pork Loin ($20)
Spanish pork loin marinated for 24 hours in Coca-cola, served with ratatouille veggies and nutty nutty buttery crunch.
Sounds interesting right? Marinated in Coca-Cola! Hahaha however the taste of Coke was totally missing in the dish. I wonder if its a bad thing or not.. but I would like to think that a coke-flavoured pork loin would taste a little funny huh.
Love the nutty buttery crush sprinkled all over because it adds a little more texture to each bite.
However, it was too well-done and we made a huge mess trying to cut up the pork and it was REALLY TOUGH.
What a pity, in my opinion. The flavors were delish!
Rate: 3 out of 5
Roasted Crispy Duck Leg ($18)

Roasted crispy duck leg marinated for 24hrs with red wineinfused with cinnamon stick and star anise, served with mashed potato and mesclun salad, drizzled with honey vanilla balsamic glaze
The duck was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Love the duck on its own. But... A good duck confit should have a good sauce to complement it (imo)The honey vanilla balsamic glaze was a little disappointing, i felt that the tangy flavor from the sauce didn't go too well with the duck and the mashed potato.. Hahaha or maybe its just me?
According to the staff, many people love their mashed potato! Hahaha it was a little bland and ordinary to me.
Rate: 3 out of 5
Flaming Brandy Chicken ($32 Feeds 2 pax)

(Approximate cooking time: 45mins, or call to pre-order)Roasted spring chicken marinated in brandy stock for 3hrs, served with Idaho potatoes and wild mushroom, accompanied with own jus and mesclun salad
One of Backstage's best sellers, and I might know why? Firstly, it was an eye-opening experience to have a whole chicken flame up in front of you. The chicken meat was insanely tender and juicy, together with a little brandy that seeped into the meat, it was simply divine.However!!!
Please be casreful when you put the Idaho potatoes into your mouth because it was SO SO SO bitter!Because of the way it was plated, (beneath the chicken), the potatoes soaked up all the leftover Brandy and I think one can actually get drunk on those things,Im not even kidding.
I would say this dish is a really good one, and for $32, you get a full chicken. How shiok is that!My only concern was the drunken potatoes LOL.
Rate: 4 out of 5
Crab Meat Pasta ($16)
Spaghetti with crab meat in a flavorful homemade pesto sauce, drizzled with white wine
I've never really been a fan of Pesto and I would say this's no exception.Never really liked Pesto, and hence I don't think it would be fair for me to judge this dish.However from what i got from Matthias, there was a little bitter after-taste to each mouthful due to the combination of Pesto and crab meat.He did say that the crab meat used were fresh and they gave a good amount of crab meat in there too!
Smoked Salmon Benedict ($18)
Freshly poached egg on charcoal bread with smoked salmon rose, serrano ham and mesclun salad, served with hollandaise sauce and herb oil.

It was my first time tasting charcoal buns and i was so excited because they looked so different from others.
However after tasting it, i thought it totally tasted so similar to the normal buns that if i had closed my eyes, i wouldnt be able to tell the difference between a charcoaled one and a normal one.
This rendition of egg's benedict is one of the most beautifully plated Egg's ben i've ever tried! Don't you think it just looks like a garden?
The smoked salmon was simply so so good too!
Generous portion, nicely smoked and they came in such thick and flavorful slices.
Matcha Cake

Crumble Cheesecake

It was so so so creamy, it wasnt too overly-sweet. The cream cheese was light and fluffy, and together with the crusted bottom that was full of the fragrance of butter.. i literally went to heaven and back!
I would recommend this to EVERYONE because it is that good :)
Rate: 5 out of 5

Lava Cake with Berry Compote ($9)

Everyone knows how much of a sucker I am when it comes to desserts. I need to have them almost after every dnner!
Lava cakes are also one of my favs and i love them because they are so difficult to perfect. To me, a good lava cake would be one that has the perfect spongey-ness along the sides, and the chocolate centre needs to be thick and rich, yet at the same time, be viscous enough to flow down and have a "lava"
This, however, spilled all over the place once the fork was inserted. It was simply too runny!
However the flavor was so so good. It would have been perfect if the cake was left in the oven to bake for just a few more seconds
Nevertheless, the Berry Compote was pretty good and it also added a wonderful splash of color to the otherwise, boring looking dish.

Overall, I would recommend Backstage Cafe for their desserts and ambience.
I don't think they serve the best food in their menu and the price point is definitely not something too attractive either. Nevertheless, I would definitely come back again when I'm craving for their Crumble Cheesecake again!
Backstage Cafe is located at:158 Kallang WaySingapore 349245

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