How I clean my brushes + solid brush/sponge cleanser by Beauty Blender

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Finding a way to clean my make up brushes thoroughly have always been something I wanted to achieve. 
I've been using make up brushes and sponges for more than a year now, and clean brushes are SO important ! (I can't stress enough on how important it is, ESP when your skin is prone to breakouts and blemishes) 

So here's how I normally clean my brushes! 
Decided to give the original beauty blender and beauty blender solid cleanser a try and after using them ONCE, I finally understand why people are willing to pay so much for them.

Note, this is not an advertorial or anything/
I've tried many methods to clean my brushes, and sponges. Baby shampoo, hand soap, dish washing liquid, olive oil and even other brand's "brush shampoo" etc. but none of them can actually turn my brushes so clean!

Make up sponges are EVEN more difficult to clean. I can tell you that out of all the times I've tried cleaning them, I would say that only around 70% of the make up comes off despite repeating the steps like 5-8 times. 

The remaining 30% stays in there and goes on our faces again and again. Ew
The beauty blender solid cleanser is the first brush/sponger cleanser I've tried in a solid form! I think it's one of the few in the market as well:)

Step 1: Wet the dirty sponge/brush

Look how dirty it is!

Step 2: Swirl in the cleanser pan

Step 3: Rub it in and rinse it off!

Repeat the squeezing motion


Tried it on other make up tools and found it super effective too!

Really impressed :)
However the only downside is that my brushes felt a little dry after washing but it's not of a super significant difference la.
I would choose this over other products anytime because a little goes a long way! I only need to apply it once to get everything off, compared to other methods where I have to repeat 5-8 times.
It is also travel friendly, convenient and super quick to use!

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to whoever that use sponges or brushes. Please clean your brushes regular up because you wouldn't want all the bacteria to be collected in there and then applied to your face! :0
Experts recommend to wash make up brushes minimum once a month. I wash my beauty blender everyday (because I Realised it collects dust) and my make up brushes once in two weeks.

If you have skin that is prone to breakouts, it is best to wash your make up tools as often as you can! Maybe 3 times a month or twice a month! 

Hope this helped whoever that asked!


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