Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hari Raya Weekend 
Its been so long since I had a day with nothing (much) planned. Only one shoot in the afternoon and the had the rest of the day to ourselves. For a moment, I felt really uneasy because it was as if I was being so lazy and unproductive. But Matt would always remind me.. 
"You are not superwoman"
So yes! We woke up pretty late at 9am (Yes I know, 9am is early for some of you esp on a public holiday) but im usually up and about at 8am or sometimes even earlier, on weekends! 
We decided to head down to Duxton to check out some cafes we've always wanted to try.

Decided to settle for Department of Caffeine D.O.C after seeing so many photos of their signature dishes and coffee on instagram. Gone were the days I was actually free enough to cafe hop all the time, lol!
We were greeted by the kind staff at D.O.C and they told us that the waiting time was 45 mins. WHUTTT
But here's a tip, if youre in a hurry and you don't mind sitting outside/by the window, the waiting time will definitely be MUCH shorter!
Luckily for me, I spotted some empty seats by the windows and requested to sit there. Those seats didn't require any waiting time and yay we saved 45 mins! It was hot, but bearable and no way am i gonna wait 45 mins for the normal seats. 
Matt and I both ordered their signatures and whatever we saw other people ordered. He's never been a fan of having breakfast for lunch/dinner, so he opted for the Shepherd's Pie ($16.50)
The D.O.C Shepherd's pie was indeed different and unique, something we've both never tasted before.
Served with a layer of mashed potato and cheese sauce over a bowl of fragrant chili con carne. It was a little tangy and spicy, and the rich flavor of the cheese really blended seamlessly with the chili.
For the non-cheese lover, I would advise you guys to stay away from this dish because the taste and smell of the cheese was really strong!
Not that it's a bad thing though, to cheese lovers that is. 

I ordered the Sundried Tomato & Herbs Waffles ($18.50)  - with bacon, scrambled eggs and maple bacon jam. This was the highly instagrammed dish that im sure many of you have probably seen before on your feeds.
Unfortunately, it was such a huge disappointment! Being a waffle lover myself, I am  pretty critical with my tastebuds.. But this dish just tasted really... weird? My waffle was burnt. Also considering that its a waffle made with sundried tomato and herbs, it was bitter >< !!! 
I would expect the bacon and scrambled eggs to bring the salty-ness back to this dish, but nope.. somehow the bacons and eggs were so bland they were almost tasteless. All i could taste was the maple syrup. So yes,, Bacon and eggs both tasted sweet and waffles bitter.. Doesn't sound too appetizing?
Don't really want to go on about this dish.. well maybe because I just got a bad one? hahaha it was quite a torture and I felt so sad about how much money i actually spent on this thing.
Almost 19 bucks??!!

 I know i look super happy but thats because I havent tasted it yet..
We then headed to Katong for some arcade games after my shoot! Matt and I used to hit the arcades quite a bit when we were still early into our relationship. Now... where to find the time to? We both loved to play Operation Ghost together, its a shooting game that is REALLY fun!
It was tea time! Headed to the blackball downstairs conveniently to grab some desserts. hehe. Cant go without desserts, nobody says no to desserts!

We then met up with M (matt's sis) and J for a short catch up over dinner at Toby's Dessert Asylum and though we didnt manage to try their desserts (they martket themselves as the dessert asylum), their mains were really not too bad!

I had the chicken mushroom pie while matt ordered their Deluxe Burger which was quite good! 
Didn't take much photos that day because I realised I didnt charge my camera before heading out :( So yes,, and because it was an outing with all 3 gamers, I had to give in to play LAN with them at night.
L4D-ed and Counter Strike-d all the way and I still dont get how people actually spend so much of their lives gaming. I mean, its so tiring and whats so fun about it?
Hahaha! Dont know if anyone out there understands me but definitely no offense to all the gamers out there. I just have other things that are more useful and fun in my own eyes.
Times like this I really appreciate the free time I have to spend it on ourselves. I think my boy looked really happy that day, and that made me the happiest too.


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