Weird Friends Stay Gold

Monday, June 23, 2014

Its been over a week now since the last time I managed to update you guys on my life.
Oops im so sorry!

The past week was a very fulfilling one because I got to meet my "annoying friends" for dinner hehe!
Before you guys start shooting me for calling my friends "annoying", you gotta understand that our friendships, esp with this bunch work differently from another other relationships I have.

With them, we express our love and affection towards each other by annoying one another. Im not even kidding!
Been friends for almost 9 years now and everytime we meet, we never fail to annoy the crap out of each other. Just like old times.

Can never seem to grow up with them around.. I wonder if its a good thing? hahaha!
But of course, they are the ones that have stuck with me through thick and thin, and loved me when I was weird, when i was nothing and had nothing.

Although our love language for each other comes in the weirdest forms, we know deep down that life wouldn't be as fun without each other :D
(With that said, I know they will probably laugh at me for saying these)

We caught up over dinner at 18 chefs, where we used to visit ALL THE TIME when we were younger. The one at East Point, before it closed down. Haha!
In the blink of an eye, we are all adults now :/

I love to order the Student's cheese Baked Pasta, and have Chicken Sausages as my choice of topping!
I would usually add Beef Slices and Minced Beef on top of that but I'm currently trying to abstain from spending too much on food. So... 


What's mong without her desserts right?
Hahaha we were all so bored because we had nothing to do. So the only thing that came to our minds was to eat again!
Chanced upon this new Cafe in the mall while walking out and decided to give their cakes a go.

Annoying friends. Look at how annoyed mel looks at one corner LOL

We ordered the Strawberry Meringue Cake ($8.90) and it was GINORMOUS!
Compare it with the size of a fork.. hahaha

Anyhoo, i wouldnt recommend this cake because it was such a disappointment.
The meringue was so soft, and it was so powdery omg. We were literally chewing on sugar!
On top of that the entire cake was tasteless, didnt get any strawberry taste at all.

This was just an "insatgram worthy" cake that doesnt taste good. It only looks good. Hahahaa

For the price, I would recommend you to get 2 slices of the Pound cake (below)

We had the Lavender with Cranberries pound Cake ($4.50) and it was amazing.
Thank god for this else my experience there would have sucked! 

The pound cake was moist, not overly-sweet and was full of flavor. I love the little tinge of lavender scent in the cake and boy, we were craving for more!
Can't wait to try the other flavors. I think they have earl grey ones too!

The Assembly Ground
The Cathay, Level 1

Here's a rare photo of all of us. They hate taking photos but insisted I take one with the selfie stick.
Thank god for this invention because its so handy and I love how we all dont have to squeeze our faces together and look fat LOL!

Head over to my Instagram account (@mongabong) to participate on the Selfie Stick giveaway because i'm giving away 3 Selfie sticks!

Just gotta look for this photo in my feed:

And follow the instructions to participate!

Once again i hope everyone's Monday was alright :)

Love ya'll,

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