The Nine Dame

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Remember the few colorful outfits I posted on Instagram a few days back? 
Well if you haven't seen them, they are none other than from The Nine Dame!
Having collaborated with them the first time about a year ago, when they spontaneously engaged me for a Phuket advertorial , I'm back to working together with them again because I'm just so in love with their style!
You gotta agree, their style is so similar to mine right? Hahaha 
I'd pick almost every item from their store if I could.
A pity I forgot to bring my camera battery out that day when I scheduled to shoot these outfits (blur mong) :/ 
Although these photos might not be of the best quality, be rest assured that the clothes are my top picks and they definitely are of superb quality!
I mean, it's all that matters right? Ahahaha it's not about how sharp the photos are.. Not about my poses, but the clothes!
Here are some of my picks!

I'm in love with it's neoprene material (y'all can alr tell right..) and how it's so structured and a little oversized. 
Marble prints are a huge hit this season, and this versatile top just screamed "pick me" when I looked through their site.
Pair it with a pair of solid colored/ denim shorts to look effortlessly chic!

I love the cut of this dress! It's perfect for the girl who likes to stay sexy without showing too much skin.
Though it's of appropriate length, the V neckline of this dress brings a tinge of sexiness to the entire outfit.
Play it up with a pair if statement earrings and a simple pearl necklace, or play it down with a simple everyday necklace and shades!

Hellooooo Summer! 
Absolutely adore summer time because it gives me an excuse to wear really striking colors and bold prints. This skirt hugs to figure so nicely, and the overlap front of the skirt gives an illusion of longer peepers.
Also appropriate for work, double yay!
Seen too much colors already? Fret not!
The nine same also caters to the the more conservative wardrobes with pieces like The Courtney Top in Lime.

It's not exactly Lime in color, but a mixture of pastel green with yellow and mint?
I don't know how to describe it. But I don't own any clothes in this color :) 
This is another top that is so versatile and I would definitely pair it with a pair of white pants or pencil skirt to work. But if you are not required to dress up for work (lucky you) , simply throw it over a pair of denim shorts like I did for a casual look!
I'm surprised by the quality of this top too! Though it looks really prone to tearing (lots of hole-y details) , it's made of really good and sturdy material, and the crochet parts are actually really durable!
If you like The Nine Dame as much as I do, check them out at:
Don't forget to quote "MONG150OFF" for $1.50 off your total bill!


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