Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm sure most of you have heard of the brand, Hollyhoque right?
They were the first few blogshops I shopped at, wayyyyyy back when they were still using Livejournal!

It's always nice to see how a brand like Hollyhoque has evolved over the years. Needless to say, I'm an even greater fan now because they've improved by heaps and bounds from their old livejournal days.

For one, they now have 2 physical stores! 
So so happy for them, this kinda feels like watching a little kid grow up, you know? ;) 

I paid their NEWEST store at Orchard Gateway a visit last week, and im so impressed and so happy for them!
Having a physical retail store allows its buyers to touch and feel the high quality fabrics of their clothing, not only that, it allows its buyers to be able to try them on themselves!
*hands up* for people who always, and i mean ALWAYS buy things online that don't fit them.

I feel you. Hahaha!

Hollyhoque is also having an Opening special promotion over at their retail store in Orchard Gateway!

Upon walking into the store, I was surprised by how spacious it was! And i absolutely loved the way they displayed and categorized their items.
It was all according to styles! 

So basically they had the dressier ones on the left, midi skirts and dresses in the middle, tops suitable for work on the right etc.
That made it soooo easy for me to look through the items that I wanted! 

You guys wont even believe how long I took to pick out 3 items. Literally, in 10 minutes! 
Hahah not because I only liked a few items from their store, (DEFINITELY NOT, because i was soooo spoilt for choice)
But because everything was displayed so nicely and neatly, i didnt have to look too far to know what kind of top/bottom I needed to match the rest of the items I chose :)

Also gotta thank the really nice and helpful salesgirl that was so enthusiastic about recommending me the different apparels that would go well with the others that i picked! 
Two thumbs up for service and efficiency!

On top of apparels, Hollyhoque also brings in the nicest accessories and bags ever!
Needless to say, they were all displayed nicely underneath a glass cabinet for easy viewing, and bags were neatly stacked on a shelf at the side.

So yes, here are the 3 items I brought into the changing room that day!

What happened next had never happened before in my life.
ALL 3 PIECES FIT ME SOO SO SO WELL and I fell in love the minute i put them on!
Super happy because I'm one that struggles with indecisiveness every single day, and trust me.. It can get VERY bad.
So grateful to the salesgirl that helped me out that day because I think I wouldn't have picked these out in the right sizes at the first try :D

Afterwards, brand new pieces were taken out from the inventory at the back. 
They were all individually inspected by the salesgirl before they were handed to me to double check it again.

I was so happy with my shopping experience at Hollyhoque!

Quote "Mong" at the shop to be entitled to 10% off!

Orchard Gateway #B2-02

How to get to Orchard Gateway?
Take the train to SOMERSET MRT STATION (not orchard, yes the name almost fooled me too)
Then turn left after exiting from the gantry

On to wearing my new clothes out! (WHEEE~)

The first item I picked was this Mimosas by Beautiful Shirt

Been obsessed with such shirts lately because I love how i can dress it up or play it down simply by changing the bottom I pair it with.
In this look, I decided to dress it down by pairing it with a highwaisted white shorts and a pair of patent oxfords.

Would definitely wear this to work one day by switching the shorts up with a bandage skirt or a pair of pants with strappy heels!

Next, I picked this Fashionably Off Shoulder Top and paired it with is this Grey Floral Midi Skirt

I cant even describe how much i love them paired together!
Such a sweet outfit, aint it?
I'm never a midi skirt kinda girl, but this stole my breath away when I first saw it hanging on the racks. I kept my fingers crossed in the fitting room because I really wanted it to fit me!!!
For those who are worried about Hollyhoque's sizes, don't worry! Most of their manufactured items come in MANY different sizes!

I wear size Small for all 3 pieces, if anyone' s wondering haha

All of these items are not available on the site yet, but are already available in the store at Orchard Gateway. So do check them out if you're free!


Orchard Gateway #B2-02

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