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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Its Tuesday today, and here's me reminiscing my weekends. Ah, how I wish for the weekends to come.
I need them like right now ;(
Work has been rather dull and busy lately, except for a few new friends I made at work that are literally the ones making work suck less for me.
Thank God for them!

Anyhoooo, last weekend was a usual shoots-filled one. 
But recently, my parents have been in such a good mood and they've been letting me usethe car on the weekends!
It has made travelling from places to places much more comfortable and more affordable now because I no longer need to take the taxi to get to places for my advertorial shoots.

On Saturday, we headed to church and Matt convinced two other friends to come along with us too.
I was really happy and i'm always thankful when non-believers agree to come to services because it's always one step closer.

Almost 70% of the time, we'd go for dinner at Ding Tai Fung. It's one of Matt and my favorite places to dine at!

We'd order the Pork Chop Fried Rice

10 Xiao Long Baos

and... the Spicy Noodles!

I swear this is the best combination ever!
We love to order two different mains and one XLB to share because having one main on our own was often too gelat for our liking.
Taking a mouthful of fried rice in between the Spicy Noodles just refreshes your tastebuds instantly!

Haha and most of my friends judge me for ordering the Spicy Noodles because it has a very strong Chinese Herb taste to it.
And its drenched in Chilli oil. Just chilli Oil, Chinese Herbs and noodles. Yes.

But if anyone is game for it, you should try it!
I would highly recommend you guys order something that is less aggressive on the tastebuds to go along with it. Alternating your bites is always a better idea!

Dessert was at Wimbly Lu which was such such SUCH a Disappointment :(

It was our second time there and the first experience was not too bad because I guess... we ordered the right thing.
This time however, we decided to try different things on the menu. 
One of it was the Chocolate Marshmallow Tart (?) *Above*
The crust was sooooo crumbly it was literally the most "crumbliest" tart i've ever eaten. 
Couldn't even get anything on my fork after I inserted it in. Everything fell right through the cracks of the Fork.
We were SCOOPING the "crust" or rather, crumbs up with our spoon!

Their waffles were still as good as ever, nothing much to say about it because I believe the hype over their waffles have said it all!

We also ordered the Lemon Meringue Tart.
Meringue tarts are one of my favorite things to have out of the entire "desserts tart" family.
Ive had such high expectations for this... but I felt a little disappointed.
The meringue looked pretty, but it was filled with sugar crystals in it. The sugar bits even blended properly!!!
The flavor of the lemon curd though, was pretty impressive.

A pity the crust of the tart and the meringue just wasnt good enough :/

On Sunday, I posted a photo of the Cappuccino and Croissant made by my dad on Dayre and some of you are amazed by how "domesticated" my dad is!

Hahaha he's not exactly domesticated. But he's one avid learner! 
Daddy always stresses on being keen and eager to learn, no matter how old you are.
So yes... for those of you who don't know, my dad loves to bake!
He makes bread for the family almost everyday. Sometimes he makes sponge cake, croissant like he did on Sunday etc.
He's also a great cook and he does most of the cooking at home because my mom is less of a good cook than he is *giggles* 
On top of that, my dad is also a coffee-lover like i am! And a hardcore one.
He makes his own coffee from scratch everyday. Literally, he buys coffee beans, grind/pound them manually, and makes his own coffee!

This cappuccino above was him demonstrating to me the new skill he learnt from Youtube - how to make Cappuccino at home without a coffee machine 
(though we already have a few coffee machines at home) . Hahahahah!

So basically he explained that even though we have coffee machines like the NDG that can create froths like this in a matter of seconds, we will need to buy the capsules and can make the type of coffee in the capsules.
With this method, we can customize it our own! So instead of the capsuled coffee, we can use the Blue Mountain Coffee that he usually drinks everyday to make our very own Latte/Cappuccino etc.

So here's what he did:
1) Took normal Magnolia Milk from the fridge
2) Heated it up in the Microwave
3) Poured it in a shallow plate (that is not totally flat and can still hold liquid items)
4) Used a strainer to pat on the surface of the milk to create foam
5) Poured it into a jug
6) Serve over the espresso coffee
7) Sprinkled Cinnamon over

TADA~ and it was heavenly! hhehehehe 
Quite amazed by what he can do sometimes lol. And how he actually bothers to learn these things on Youtube???? hhaha

After breakfast, Matt and I decided to make our favorite Thai Basil Beef Rice for lunch!

It was quite delish though we realised we didnt have the fresh Thai Basil leaves last minute.
But i'll be sharing the recipe we used on the blog soon, so stay tuned!

Also decided to treat ourselves to the Glam Glow Mud Clearing Treatment.
This is such a treat (because its so ex) but I couldn't stand Matt's face any longer!!! (Too many whiteheads/blackheads/dirt etc) that i made him do it with me.
Appreciate it when he does things like that for me and even allowed me to post this photo of both of us on Social Media :D

We also FILMED a highly requested video for you guys! 


Cant wait to start editing it because I am so eager to share it.
 Haahaha however i dont think its as interesting as others because my boyfriend is such a quiet person in front of the camera.... 

But here's another exciting thing we all can look forward to!


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