Her Jet Set

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Her Jet Set is set up with an intention to dress everyone up casually and beautifully, able to make you stand out from the rest without dressing “out of the box”. 

Going by the motto “simple is key”, Her Jet Set keeps things to the minimal and brings in styles that have unique features on basic outfits and also, different kinds of pretty chic textured material apparels. Of course, you will still spot pretty floral pieces in our collections. 

We believe there is more than one side in every girl!

I'm sure many of you have seen me in HerJetSet's pieces over the last few weeks because.. i just keep reaching for them!

What I love about Her Jet Set is that their clothes are most of the time, right up my alley.
I can see myself liking almost every single piece they bring in, which can be a good or bad thing. HAHA
Of course, good because I'm spoilt for choices, and bad because my wardrobe cant take in anymore clothes!!! :(
Also coupled with the fact that my mom and boyfriend nags at me to do something about my exploding wardrobe all the time... sigh. But this is definitely a good headache, right?

I picked out a few items from Her Jet Set, and it's amazing how they are exactly how i pictured them to be!

What more can I say about this denim outer wear?
Its a must-have in every girl's wardrobe because it instantly jazzes up any plain boring outfit.
Apart from it being really effortless, this outerwear from HJS is different because its sleeves are cropped!
Its the perfect length for girls like me! Girls that are slightly more petite will look just fine too because it will only look normal-lengthed.
If you're taller, dont worry because this outerwear comes in a larger size too!

This dress is one of the most elegant and appropriate dress I own.
And I absolutely adore the quality of this dress. It's honestly made of such good and durable material that I cant believe this is only $30.90 ?!

These photos totally dont do the intricate beading details on the sides any justice at all!

It also features a low back detail, which gives it the extra "oomph"
Bringing sexy and elegance to a whole new level.

Next was this top that was once again, a basic with a twist

Featuring the super cool overlap design, this top can be paired with ANYTHING and still look so good!
I love it that it is really structured as well, and the material is superb - doesnt lose its shape after being washed!

Now who says HerJetSet doesnt have florals and all that girly things?
Hehehe you're so wrong!

This Tabitha Dress encompasses a few of my favorite things : Flowers, Cut Outs and Neoprene Material!

I love how the cut outs sit comfortoably on my waist, giving an illusion of a slimmer looking waist, and the body a little more definition.
And hello, who doesn't like to have a lavender garden on themselves??! 

Her Jet Set also brings in many many other more pieces that I would definitely share with you guys if I had the chance to bring them home with me :(
Hop over to their Website to view their collections!



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