New nails, and MORE FOOD!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Weekly updates//

Hola everyone! Welcome to my weekly updates again~
This week has been filled mainly with food and food and FOOD!
I guess its kinda a good thing that i've started doing this "Weekly Updates" series where I go through all the photographs in my phone and camera to recap on what ive been up to the entire week.

This week happens to be filled with lots and lots of good food!
For the sake of everyone who's gonna kill me for posting all the food i've consumed over the past week all at once, i'm gonna do you guys (& myself) the favor by only talking about a few .. hehe!

I'm sure many of you know that im a HUGE FAN of the Hong Kong Egglets right?
Its a Must have every time I visit bugis and my manicurists at Millys and Hair stylists at Salon Vim will find this familiar because... im always munchin' on this whenever I visit for pampering sessions.

My favorite is the Cheese Flavored one, followed by the original flavor.
There's also another outlet at FEP but it seriously PALES IN COMPARISON to the one at Bugis Junction.
The ones they serve at FEP are always brown, Not golden brown but like BURNT brown.
Its always soooo burnt and crispy (like keropok) and with it comes the smell of burnt cheese, which is nasty. ><
I'll often eat it till my tongue becomes sooo abrasive (it even leaves cuts on it sometimes). 
But somehow i still always buy it when i go to FEP because I know that deep down inside, i just really want it to work????

But aiya. Its time to give up and really just drop by bugis to get one then head to FEP (if i need to) Haha!
Just look at how fluffly every single egglet ball is... 

Hong Kong Egglet
Bugis Junction Basement 1 (Right outside Cold Storage)

I also met up with my best friend Sarah again after work one day!
I love it that we don't see/talk to each other often but whenever we do, its as if we went back to our 13 year old selves again.

My bestfriend is the one that has been through my ups and downs, and she loved me at my lowest.
Turned her back against anyone that turned their backs against me. And I'll be glad to do the same for her, anytime.

We headed for some food along Lavender where many cafes are at and we picked a rather famous one!
I ordered a Pork patty and it was amazing and honestly.. the taste was very very good.
HOwever towards the end I realized that the pork patty I had eaten was utterly raw in the middle, it must have been overlooked by the chef because it looked well-cooked from the outside.

Ah well, the food was really quite nice though! But for what its worth, ima not mention the name of the cafe haha!

Sarah ordered the truffled eggs, and it was really yummy too!

Afterwards, Sarah suggested we head for some Windowsill in the Woods pies. Though I was really full because they replaced an entire new serving for me and I ate it all too LOL, I decided to pay Windowsill a visit because its so highly raved about on Instagram.
And the shop looked so pretty!

We both only ordered one, the Peppermint Chocolate Pie(?) hahaha but I chose it because the salesgirl recommended it and it looked so pretty.
Unfortunately... it was quite average. And i thought it was pretty pricey at $7.50 for a slice!
That night was just pretty crappy because I was so tired out at work and these things needed to look for me one after another. Boooo.
But anyway, company with my Bay made it all worthwhile. Hehe

On a more random note, here's an outfit photo I asked Matt to help me with during lunch time when the lunch time crowd was CRAZY.
I literally had to be like "Okay okay now FASTERRRR" because EVERYONE were judging me >< 
AHHHH I know I know.. if i didn't know me I would be judging too, but it's part of my job and it was raining so I couldn't go somewhere else okay?:(


Last but not least, i've got me some NEW NAILS!

I asked you guys on my Dayre which design was nicer, this or the tiffany floral one. And most of them said this! 
So i went ahead to show the photo to my manicurist, Yan from Millys and within 1 hour, it was all HAND PAINTED and done!
Mind you even the ombre colors were individually patted on using her brushes. Layer by layer.
So so impressed and i've been receiving so many compliments on it!

My toe nails were painted with an ombre of mint to turquoise.
All the colors I can never seem to shake off when it comes to nails. But basically I wanted something like The sun and The Sea

#Drama much? hehe

The sun on my fingers, and the sea on my feet.
Makes me so happy whenever I look at them. Possibly the only thing that has made me so happy the entire week.

Bugis Village, Bugis Village Extension
Level 2 @ Bom Bom Street
Tel: 6388 4137

Till then, I hope all are well!
Keep up with me on my dayre for more on-the-go updates!


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