Illumus ; Shining bright

Saturday, June 07, 2014

ILLUMUS, the brain-child of a 20 year old named Shawnn who believes that fashion is made for everyone.
The name "Illumus" was inspired from the word "luminous", which means giving off light, and shining bright.
With that goal in mind, Illumus was created.

I was really impressed by what a 20 year old guy has created!
Illumus brings in fashion for both men and women, and I've seen the mens' apparels, they are not bad too!
Times like these i wish i could pull off mens' clothing. HAHA

From the female's collection, i picked out 2 items. First was this Floral T-shirt.

Folded the sleeves for a more casual look, and this is made in neoprene material, which i love for its durability and comfy-ness !

The next item was this striped dress, that was so unique!
Nothing i've ever seen before. It has a natural "mermaid" cut, and its of the perfect length to not make your legs look short (unlike most mermaid cut dresses)

How cute!
Simply put on a pair of flats or solid-colored pumps and you're good to go ~

The best part, Illumus is having an opening sale and everything is 15% off Storewide!

Visit illumus at:

Thats all folks,
Love ya'll


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