What's In My Bag ? {Video}

Thursday, May 22, 2014

This post is a highly requested one, super duper highly requested!
There's just something in "Whats in my bag" videos that makes everyone so drawn to it! Something that guys will never understand.. hahaha!
The idea of being so interested in whats in someone else's bag is kinda hilarious and random too. But I personally love watching other ppl's WIMB videos haha!
Im really sorry i took so long to film one for you guys.
Enjoy! Be sure to watch it in HD!

As you guys already know, Im not one that carry too many things in my bag.
Actually it all depends on the size of my the bag im carrying on that particular day! 
I tend to carry as much as my bag can carry. hehe!
Here's my favorite bag at the moment, its none other than a Valentino inspired one given to me by Jen from Shopjenith 
Really in love with it! Its just the right size and it goes well it everything.
I know i didn't feature my Burt's Bees Lip Balm in the video, but i usually alternate in between a tinted lip balm and a clear one like my Maybellne Babylips.
It also depends on whether i'll bring an extra a lip color along with me on that day. 
Just like the Lip and Cheek Stain from The Body Shop as featured!
Heres another ESSENTIAL
My Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder.
This is my FAVORITE FAVORITE powder of all time. I cant believe I only got to know of this product recently because its so amazing.
But sadly its so under-hyped! Totally doesnt do this powder any justice.
For girls that are stuck with oily skin, this powder will really change your life! 
Although it doesnt emphasize on the fact that it absorbs oil like crazy, im here to tell you..
Disclaimer: Im not paid to rave about this powder. But this beats the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. HANDS DOWN.
No fight really, no fight. hahah!
Hehe. HYPE over.
This is a photo of my wallet, which has my favorite elements all in one.
Its gold and black, and has snake skin prints all over. 
How not to love, someone tell me?
Anyway, sorry for the hiatus!
Finally finally got some time to blog. Ive been so pressed for time and energy.. 
// On a side note, I have creaed a new IG account to sell my pre-loved stuff!// 
Its wayyy more convenient than having it in blog posts because I can upload them on the go and I dont really get to use the comp these days.... 
A big THANK YOU to all that helped me clear out my wardrobe. It was getting cray cray. haha!
So follow it for more random updates!

Falling sick isn't an option, and sleep is for the weak
Its almost friday, hang in there!

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