Sunday, May 18, 2014


Today I'm going to be sharing with you guys a MEGA fashion apparel retailer that is here to bring to all women her fashion fix.
You can expect weekly new arrivals at their website, and they even have a physical flagship retail store where you get to see, feel and try on their clothes in person!

This is none other than EARTHDOLL

Other than having both an online store that is updated with a ton of new stuffs weekly, Earthdoll also double up with a physical retail store, bringing the best of both worlds to its shoppers.
Earthdoll also offers a HUGE array of items to their customers - from the young school girl to the older working generation.
You'll definitely find something suitable over there!

Let's look at some of the items I picked out for myself from their webstore:

I love how this blouse is so affordable and I would wear this on a lazy day where I just want to throw on something to look presentable.
Just one top and it will suffice! Wouldnt care less about my hair or make up because I think this style will be complimented with my bed-hair anyway.


This tropical bralet is so colorful and vibrant it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.
I'm not even kidding when I talk about the quality of these clothing because I cant believe they only cost slightly over $20.
Honestly, you wont be able to find anything this affordable in such great quality these days!

I would play it down by pairing it with a pair of simple white shorts like this, or play it up with a sexy bandage skirt.

Lastly, I went for something that I wouldn't usually go for. I mean, how often do you see Mongabong in Pants?
Hahahaha. But after internship has started and I made myself wear some pants, I actually realised how pants can bring out a certain kind of classy-ness to any outfit.

All I needed was a good fit and well, confidence! 

The scallop hem along the waist line is what makes this pair such a beautiful one. In my opinion at least.
Plus its cropped on me so I like that its not too formal!
Definitely the first i've ever owned and i'm quite pleased with how it looks on me :)

Overall, my shopping experience at Earthdoll was a very happy one. Its so hard to find something that I really like, but I found so many at Earthdoll!
Delivery was quick and the owner is a nice person as well :)

Hehe! Visit Earthdoll now:

Otherwise, pop by their Flagship store located at:
Bukit Panjang Plaza

Till then, I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!
I wished I had more than 24 hours in a day because im just... so swamped and burned out by all that I have to do.
Maybe I just need a break from everything but I know i cant because it wouldnt be easy to get my feet back up again. I need to keep going.


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