Friday, May 23, 2014

Good evening my dear readers, we've come to another "Weekly Update" post again!
So basically, if you're already following me on my social media sites like Instagram, Dayre or Facebook, then this post might just be a repeat to you.
Haha! Im sorry!

But yeah anyway internship has been taking up most of my time because I have to wake up at 6.30 am every morning.
And if I don't want to oversleep, i'll usually have to be in bed by 12 am every day.
Which means time is really not on my side, ARGH!

But fret not because I've captured most of my daily happenings on my iphone and yes i am going to share the events that took place over the past week!

First Anniversary

Yay! Matt and I finally turned ONE!
We headed to our favorite restaurant - Equinox at Swissotel, The Stamford.
Once again, their menu was amazing and I cant even tell you guys how good this 300g Rib-eye was.
Im not kidding when I say this was "Jizz Worthy" 

Hahaha I know many of you got a shock when you saw my caption (the jizz worthy caption in case youre wondering).. but trust me, if I had another chance to take the caption back and post a new one,
it would still be the same.

It was the BEST steak i've had in my life. (But of course, open to more suggestions!)

For ($82++) a portion, you get to choose a sauce and a side to go along..
But I think im gonna dedicate one blog post to that night we spent dining at Equinox so im gonna leave the rest of the details out for now!

Working Outfits

So here's a few of the outfits I wore to work!
Missing my shorts and skater skirts so so so much because I havent been able to wear them in a SUPER long time :( 
Weekends are for church and I dont get to wear my shorts either. Ahhh!

Dinner at L'etoile Cafe

Mega gigantic truffle fries that matt and I almost died eating. It was really good though!

Paddle Pop Ice Cream

Advertorial Shoots with my Love

Outing with my Bay and the kids

My best friend sarah finally came back from her OCSP trip back to the Philippines and I havent seen her for more than a month before our meet up last weekend.
We decided to bring the kids out for some waffles at Hatter's Street because you know... Kids love ice cream, mong loves ice cream, matt loves waffles.. what other better places right?

Hahah you get the point!

We ordered 2 "whoa'ffles" that day and a pudding in a jar. Cant really remember the names of each dish and Im honestly too lazy to google. Ahaha!
Verdict? Meh to me.
 Haha I thought it tasted way too raw and I don't really like waffles that has a strong egg taste to it. 

Back to the kids - its SUPER tiring taking care of 2 kids at the same time!
Omg haahhaa I almost died of exhaustion because they were both throwing things everywhere, running around and screaming at the top of their lungs.

But kids being kids, they are the most innocent and the happiest. 

So happy we look like a happy family!

Here's Matt playing PVZ with 6 year old Jayden. Hahah everytime I look at this photo I go "aww"
I love it when I see him with kids because i have such a soft spot for guys that are good with kids!
+20 points immediately hehe

Me time @ Salon Vim

Finally found the time to head down to Salon Vim to get my hair fixed!
Didnt want to do much to my hair this time because i'm more keen about having my hair and scalp nursed back to health.
Wee gave me the usual scalp calming treatment that involves a really good head massage as well.
Mmmm I love massages! 
After which he gave me a Kerastase hair treatment and topped it off with a hair mask.
I couldnt stop touching my hair this morning because its soo so smooth~

On a side note, the Keratin treatment I did last month is still showing its effects on my hair!
I cant even believe how amazing the treatment is! Expensive but definitely worth every single cent :D

Okay sorry, one last photo of me with my new soft hair! (bye bye split ends)
Didnt have to touch up the color since the last time I did it a month ago, all is good, Im so happy because my black roots are not very visible yet!!!

Enjoying a cuppa' over lunch time

Jamaica Blue is one of my favorite coffee joints in Singapore : they serve really good coffee!
Beats Starbucks hands down and coming from a die-hard-starbucks-fan .. you know i'm already moving away from it.
My heart now belongs to other coffee places!

Hahhaa some of you might already know that I got so upset because Starbucks failed me twice in a day.
And of which, one was utterly RUINED by this incredibly rude staff that made my Latte. Funny thing was, I actually was quite polite to her! Don't know what I did to step on her toes... pfft.
Hahaha enough of that. Let me know where else I can get good coffee? 
Will be very grateful!


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