Weekly Update

Monday, May 05, 2014

Over the past week in visual:


FINALLY had Ippudo again with matt! It's our favorite place for ramen, and we've tried so many others that people claimed were the best ramen in Singapore.
But because we still havent found any that is as yummy as Ippudo's, it's still the best in our hearts!

Anyway here's a fun-fact that I recently found out: Ramen is actually SUPER fattening. LOL!
All along i thought ramen was "clean" and suitable for people who wanted to lose weight. But nope... apparently most ramen broths are boiled in Pork Fats.
I hope I didnt make you guys hate ramen.. hehe. I still love them and would eat them everyday if it wasn't for its price :(


It was my first official day at work and I didn't bring my camera out nor had the opportunity to take any photos.
All boring stuff. Well, mondays are always boring. BOOO

I was a fashion disaster and so I didn't take any photos. I refused to.
My shirt was WAYYY too big and I looked like I gained 30 kg, not even kidding.
Note to everyone, please look at yourself before leaving the house. And PLEASE try on your new clothes one day before (at least) before stepping out of the house in it. 
I think i've never felt uglier :(

Met Matthias for lunch during lunch hour. It was quite exciting because I was trying to picture our lives once school is out for real and we both gotta work.
I imagined it to be like that. Meeting each other during lunch time, have lunch and spend that short 1 hour together just catching up on how the first half of our days went :)

I felt quite blessed and blissful (?) at that moment. Hahah

OOTD Shot for the day!
Matt's pretty familiar with the Raffles Place area as he's done 2 internships prior to this internship, so he brought me to this Thai place for lunch!

It's a place called, Southbank along Boat Quay.
Basically lunch deals around boat quay all revolved around the same concept: For a price around $10-$15 ++ you get to order (no. of pax + 1) dishes.

So for eg. 2 pax will get 3 dishes.
3 pax will get 4, and 10 pax will get 11 dishes.
There was this long list of dishes on the menu catered specially to the lunch crowd around that area.

So as usual, we went for our fav veg, Kang Kong

The Kang Kong was AMAZING. 

Chilli Prawns that were SO disappointing. I cant even.
It's basically boiled prawns with gravy. They didnt even bother covering up the entire prawn to "show" that they cooked the prawn in some sort of gravy??

Honey chicken that had a really yummy taste to it, but felt like rubber.
Food served were all pretty cold, they must have been left at the serving counter for quite some time because almost every restaurant located in that area are shorthanded during lunch time.

At night, we headed to Nana's Green Tea for dinner!
Managed to convince Matt to give this another shot because I was craving for the cold udon. Yum

This looks like a plate of salad but no.... its filled with Udon and its HELL FILLING!
I almost died trying to finish it. But wait for it...

I think I need a standing ovation and an award for being the most greedy person. LOL
I was SOOO full that I had difficulty walking. YET, we still went for waffles because it was just nearby and we didn't want to miss it.

So yes. How glorious.
Creatif Waffles has become sooo crowded and their standard has plummeted from the last time we visited. It's really disappointing :(
It was one of our fav places to get our waffles fix. But this time, it wasn't fluffy, it was a little charred, and DRENCHED with a ton of maple syrup that made the waffles turn soggy really quickly.
Not to mention, it's incredibly sweet as well!
I've got a sweet tooth and Matt has even sweeter tastebuds (He drinks bubbletea at 100%) and he found it too sweet too.

On a side note: Never understand how ppl stand drinking bubbletea at 100% or higher sugar levels? It's so eeky and I cant even handle a sip!

It was Labor Day!!!!! Woohoo. I spent time with my family that day and tried my best to stay away from social media. I think.
Maybe that explains why there werent any no photos taken. HAHA


Our Fri lunch date was at this Zi char place we frequented when Matt was doing his prev internship last summer.
I would have lunch with him every day before I head down for my shoots at this restaurant, and we loved it.

Same concept, except that they serve Chinese food in crazy amounts.
Both of us can never finish the 3 dishes we order.

Their food is well.. so-so. Never had anything really good or above average before at raffles place so, i've got no complaints.
This is pretty affordable too! Only $8.80++ per pax which adds up to about $11.50 per person.

Fri's OOTD!

How time flies. It's monday again.
Let's do this! 

Work Update: I've been adapting quite well ag work. Cept I havent really found my motivation just yet. I guess i'll hang in there and try my very best to find joy in whatever i'm doing... hmmm.


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