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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Over the weekend I went crazy with shopping! 
Hahaha bagged so many things home, including a new lens for my new camera :)  
 Hehe! So excited about it because I got the whole set and I'm all set for my advertorials in Europe. 
Slots are still available for my first 2 weeks in the diff parts of UK at the same prices! (Postage fees will be born by myself) :)  

 Anyway, going back to the point. I visited FEP and there's one place that I never fail to miss.
Can you guess what it is?:) 

It's none other than the mega blogshop marketplace, BLOGSHOPPING

Housing what seem like a thousand blogshops all under one roof, BLOGSHOPPING is the ONE STOP shopping place if you're an avid online shopper like I am :)
You'll be sure to find something you like out of all the biggest blog shops in Singapore.

The best part, you'll be able to feel, see and try on the clothes on yourself.
I hate it when I receive clothes after online shopping only to find out that it doesn't fit me. I
t makes me feel like all that anticipation and waiting has been in vain. 
How about receiving clothes of materials that are not up to your expectations? Well. Experienced that too.  
 Grrrr all these also involves throwing money down the drain... 

But with a physical store like BLOGSHOPPING , all these will NOT be happening! 

Some of the clothes I tried out that day

Here are some of the items I tried out that day, some of which I loved but were too big on me :(
So thankful and happy because if it wasn't for BLOGSHOPPING I would have wasted my money on these items which I thought would fit me! GRR 

Apart from being able to make informed choices more effectively,  BLOGSHOPPING also offers their customers convenience.  
 No more multiple carts to check out, no more different waiting times to put yourself through (it's very torturous to have to wait for your parcels..) and more importantly, no more hopping from sites to sites, shops to shops when you browse!

It's all under one roof now, and shopping can be done in a matter of minutes.

Last but not least, I went home with these items, super super in love!

Black bagpack
It's my very first black bagpack in this cute little size! I think its really flattering and will go well with any outfit. Can't wait to style it with the rest of my outfits!

Laced trim romper that makes me feel like an angel. Hahah.

Graphic printed Top that I felt was sooo similar to one of my favorite white box tops that I own.
It looked pretty "work appropriate" too !

BLOGSHOPPING is now having an island wide promotion, the SHOP & WIN BOGO
Customers can shop at any Blogshopping outlets and stand a chance to win a Buy One Get One Deal!
3 winners will be picked from each outlet EVERY WEEK, and winners will be announced on their FB page.

That's hell lotsa winners every week! 

For the month of May, Kikikeli is also offering exclusive discounts to their own shoppers!

If thats still not enough... Then here's presenting to you the Blogshopping Privilege Card!

This card offers you exclusive crazy discounts on almost ANY occasion you can think of.
Your birthday month, on your first purchase and even ALL YEAR ROUND!


It's pretty incredible isn't it?

Vist Blogshopping at their outlets now!:
Bugis Junction , #03-12A
Far East Plaza, #01-33/34
JEM, #04-07

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