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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Good morning world,

I'm currently on my way to a shoot now, and I'm using my Blogger app for the first time! Let's hope all my alignments wouldn't be that bad or I'll have to re-do everything :(

It's my first Saturday ever since internship has started. And for those of you who have been following me on Dayre will know that I've been updating it almost everyday!
Trying my best to haha. 
For more rambles, complaints and whines, you can hop on over to my Dayre at @mongabong :)

Nuff' said, I just wanted to share with you guys my outfit that day that I really love!
I know it's not exactly "my style" but I've been experimenting with different colors and different styles lately..
I don't think it's a bad thing actually? Haha anyway this is the FIRST pink bottom that I own >< 
Never been a fan of pink colored clothing , and even though pink used to be my favorite color, I think I'm starting to grow out of it. It's now turquoise and yellow FTW! Hehe 

I love how flattering it's cut is.. It has really pretty subtle pleats all around and it kinda reminds me of a cheerleader skirt , just less flare and less dramatic.
Can't imagine wearing a cheerleader skirt out hahaha! Matt's gonna kill me first if I did attempt to step out of the house in a cheer's skirt lol.

It's surprisingly really cheap too!!! Only $17.90 , at {grr can't insert hyperlink on my phone} 

Hahaha let's see how this post turns out, can't wait! 
Have a great Saturday everyone! I haven't felt like I rested for the whole week. 
It's just too hectic and stressful. I think id rather study or go through finals all over again because it's less semanding.

Hmm but I guess it can only get better?:)

Hang in there all, 

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